Who Got Evicted: Ian Or Shane? **Don’t Read If You Don’t Want To Know**

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 14 was disappointing to watch as superfan Ian Terry found himself evicted from the house with less than a week left in the game.  Not only would it have been fun to watch such a fan of the show win the $500, 000 prize, but it would have been exciting to watch him battle it out in the end against Dan Gheesling.  Despite the disappointment that Ian was evicted, his ouster came as no surprise afterDanielle won Head of Household and everybody had made it clear in recent episodes that they wanted him out.  How did Ian’s journey come to an end?  You’ll be surprised to find out!


Ian getting evicted is something every fan (including myself) was anticipating — especially considering the spoiler sites had revealed he lost the Power of Veto to Danielle.  Hell, I even started writing this recap to discuss Ian’s elimination, which is what you read in the introductory paragraph.  But in a shocking turn of events, Dan turned the tables once again and found a way to spare Ian from walking out the front door.  How did it happen?  It was amazing to watch.

Nominations & Power Of Veto

The episode started with the nomination ceremony in which Danielle put Dan and Ian on the chopping block.  But she didn’t think of that plan on her own.  Nope.  The whiny-voiced tagalong followed Dan’s instructions in which he suggested she put him up against Ian.  That way, Danielle would be able to make Shane think he’s still safe with her despite her final-two deal with Dan.  This is proof that Danielle, who is guaranteed a spot in the final three with her HoH status, doesn’t deserve a single vote from the jury.  I really hope she doesn’t win because of a bitter jury voting against a true player.  That would be a shame because every move she’s made so far has been at Dan’s advice.  Which is also why Ian was saved from tonight’s eviction.

In the PoV competition, Ian, who realized it was very important for him to win, came very close to claiming victory several times.  In the end, Danielle won the PoV and said in the Diary Room that it was time for Ian to go.  Admit it, you were a bit bummed at this moment because it finally hit you that Ian was dead in the water.  I sure did.

Inside The Jury House

For the first time this entire season, we finally got to see a much-needed look inside the jury house.  It started calm and cool with Ashley there alone in a very zen-like atmosphere.  While it appeared the jury members were fighting like cats and dogs based on a tease, they actually seemed to get along just fine.  There was a small spat between Frank and Britney about loyalty, but it wasn’t that crazy.  It was basically Britney calling Frank out for being hypocritical about dishonesty.  She felt he acted as if lying and deceiving in the game was only OK if he was the person doing it.  Although they did have that fight, one thing is certain: they all feel betrayed by Dan.

Dan Makes Another Move

Up in the HoH bedroom, Danielle asked Dan what she wants him to do.  In another brilliant move, Dan said that he wanted her to make her own decision, but he added that he doesn’t feel safe staying on the block because he’s been a huge target for weeks.  Instead, he wanted her to use the PoV to save him and put Shane up in his place.  That way, they could keep both of them safe because he wouldn’t vote against Shane.  After making Dan promise he would keep Shane safe, she was seriously considering his plan because she told Shane all about it.  Strangely, he didn’t seem worried about anything because he totally trusts her and she totally trusts Dan.  Meanwhile, in the Diary Room, Dan was talking about how he would vote against Shane in a heartbeat — and if he were removed from the chopping block, he would have the only vote in the eviction.

Live Veto Meeting

Amazingly, Danielle listened to Dan and used the PoV to save him from eviction.  Since Shane was the only other option, he sat on the nomination couch next to Ian.  Moments later, Dan stood in the front of the room and voted to evict Shane.  Danielle’s jaw couldn’t have dropped open any wider.  She was absolutely stunned because Dan swore that he would make sure Shane was safe.  Amazing.  Dan is one powerful player.  After the eviction, Dan pulled Danielle into a separate room as Ian paced the house.  She questioned his constant lies, but he said that eliminating Shane was the best thing he could do for her as a coach.  He said that getting him out of the house was making it easier for her to win, which he claimed has been his goal the entire summer.

While I would love to see Ian win the entire game, I think Dan deserves it the most.  Sadly, I don’t think the jury will award him a majority vote because many of them feel betrayed and might vote for the lesser of two evils. – sheknows.com


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