Dancing With The Stars All Stars Premier Review

Dancing with the Stars has apparently run out of its so-called “stars;” instead of introducing a new cast, the show is bringing back a big group of alums for its 14th season. Many of these celebs were winners or top 3 dancers during their past appearances on DWTS. With so many talented performers, it’s impossible to make any predictions. But it’s safe to say that the competition will be fierce!

The basic premise of Dancing with the Stars remains the same, but instead of introducing a new cast, we’ll be watching contestants from seasons past. The other big change involves scoring — decimals can now be attached to the end of each judge’s score. This switch-up was likely included in order to make things a little more competitive,  but I’m still not a fan. However, with so many amazing dancers returning to the show, I’m willing to look past a few scoring snafus.

 Kicking off the fun is former *NSYNC boy toy Joey Fatone and partner Kym Johnson. He made runner-up during season 4, but lost out to Apolo Ohno. And according to Joey, “you can bet your ass” that won’t happen again! Tonight’s cha-cha is to Michael Jackson’s PYT. Joey’s really got those Michael Jackson moves down, but Len thinks that his posture is a bit lacking while in hold.

 Having retired at the ripe old age of 20, Olympic champion Shawn Johnson’s schedule is now free for lots of dancing! She and Derek pair up for a sexy foxtrot. Len informs Shawn that he is “a cup of tea in a field of lattes,” which is a very Len-ish way of saying that he’s not as into Shawn’s foxtrot as Carrie and Bruno are.

Carrie – 8, Len – 6.5, Bruno – 7.5

I’m glad to see Sabrina Bryan back for another shot at the mirror ball. The former Cheetah Girl was tossed off the show way too early the last time she competed. Unfortunately, I suspect the same will happen again this year. With the help of Louis Van Amstel, Sabrina proves that she deserves to stick around.

Scores: Carrie – 7.5, Len – 7.5, Bruno – 7.5


 Helio Castroneves has had a huge life change since his last appearance on DWTS – he’s a daddy now! He wants to show his adorable daughter just what he can do on the dance floor. Former partner Julianne Hough has moved on to bigger and better projects, so instead she’s switched out with fellow blonde Chelsie Hightower. Helio and Chelsie are fun to watch, but their foxtrot just doesn’t compare to the top-notch performances we’ve already seen from Sabrina and Shawn.

Carrie – 7, Len – 7.5, Bruno – 7

 In the most awkward introduction of the night, Pamela Anderson and Tristan MacManus look each other up and down like museum exhibits. They’re evidently pleased with what they see — Tristan says that being a male dancer is finally paying off! Pam and Tristan are almost as awkward onstage as off. Carrie agrees that it’s uncomfortable. Offering up his first cheesy double entendre of the season, Bruno informs Pam that she could “go all the way.” But she’s not there yet.

Carrie – 5.5, Len – 5.5, Bruno – 6

 Melissa Rycroft’s life has changed big-time since season 8. The Bachelor alum and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader now has a husband, a baby and a new job as a TV host! Melissa’s back with Tony this season and they once again prove to be a magnificent pair. The judges are impressed, but Carrie demands more body contact and Len thinks the performance was a bit too “theatrical.” Uh, what did you expect with a song like “Big Spender?”

Carrie – 7, Len – 7, Bruno – 7

 Apolo Ohno and Karina Smirnoff are accustomed to winning and they won’t settle for anything less than first place. They off their party rocking skills to LMFAO’s big hit – an interesting music choice, but whatever. Len thinks the dance wasn’t quite deserving of a gold medal. Maybe a bronze. Carrie disagrees with Len’s hip action critique, telling Apolo that he’s sexier than ever.

Carrie – 7.5, Len – 7, Bruno – 7.5

 Last time he was on Dancing with the Stars, Gilles Marini’s only claim to fame was a steamy shower scene in Sex and the City. Now, the season 8 runner-up has his own TV show and is ready for a little redemption! Partnered with Peta Murgatroyd, Gilles looks very debonair during his foxtrot.

Carrie – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8

 Prepare to cringe: it’s time for Bristol Palin! Regardless of how you feel about politics, it’s hard to deny that Bristol was blessed with two left feet. Bristol’s ready to show the haters just what she’s capable. She’s got a new face (ahem, plastic surgery), a new reality flop show and a new attitude. The good news is, Bristol’s not nearly as awful as she was last time around. Carrie gives her the award for most-improved contestant. Okay, but honestly, an improvement over last season is still not saying much.

Carrie – 6.5, Len – 6.5, Bruno – 6.5

Drew Lachey was a big winner back in the day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The dances just weren’t as hard back in 2006. Drew thinks he’s still got the moves, but his actual performance suggests otherwise. The moves are stiff and awkward, at best. I can tell that Drew has potential, but it’s hidden behind a rigid fame.

Carrie – 7, Len -7, Bruno – 7.5

 If people are doubting Drew Lachey’s ability, they’re really doubting season 1 winner Kelly Monaco. It’s been nearly a decade since she won her first mirror ball trophy! Despite all that time off, Kelly looks wonderful! And you know things are going well when Len actually gives a reasonably cheerful critique.

Carrie – 7, Len – 7, Bruno – 7.5

 Kirstie Alley has been tweeting nonstop about her excitement at being paired with Maks. We’re also happy to see these two together again — they seem to bring out the best in each other. She’s taken a few steps back since the season 12 finale, but I think she is still capable of great things. Before running off to get her score, Kirstie plants a huge, wet, sloppy kiss on Tom Bergeron’s lucky lips as a congrats for his Emmy.

Carrie – 6.5, Len – 6, Bruno – 6.5

 Season 3 champ Emmitt Smith is once again paired with Cheryl Burke. Could he be the second NFL star in a row to win DWTS. It’s clear that Emmitt has managed to retain that smooth style that won him so many fans way back when. Len goes so far to say it’s the best of the night. I don’t know about that, but I am definitely impressed! – sheknows.com

Carrie – 8, Len – 8.5, Bruno – 8




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