Say Cheese! Lots Of Cheese!


So what do you think? Did we take them up on their dare?

After actually thinking about it, I decided that actually eating a 3 1/2 pound grilled cheese sandwich would not be such a great idea at 11pm at night, so we whimped out and instead opted for the following meals.



Mine was “the kindergardener” – a beginner’s sandwich. Ron’s was “the parmageddon”. Yep. Pierogies and onions and sauerkraut and cheese grilled on gigantic sourdough bread.

If you feel the need to experience over-the-top grilled cheese sandwiches, head on over to The Melt Bar and Grilled. It’s in Independence, Ohio.

Just so you know, the toothpicks are this big because they go all the way through the sandwiches! Oh, and they all come with fries, slaw, and pickles. And, diet coke.




One Comment on “Say Cheese! Lots Of Cheese!”

  1. […] If you happen to be in the Cleveland / Akron area, why don’t you head over to Melt Bar & Grilled and have a grilled cheese like you’ve never imagined.  I went last November…..check out my review here. […]

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