Cleveland Rocks!


Cleveland definitely rocks. That’s what I have to say.

We had some free time to “do” Cleveland, and boy-o-boy, did we do Cleveland. Maybe I should say boy-band-o-boy-band???

We went to Cleveland this weekend to see the ultimate boy band, The Monkees!

This post will be about the free hours we had on Saturday – what we saw and where we went in Cleveland proper.






Our first stop, naturally, was the Malley’s Chocolates Factory! Check out their giant, pink storage tanks!


There is a retail store here as well. The address is 13400 Brookpark Road, Cleveland if you are in Cleveland and need a chocolate-fix.










Coupongy Note: our next stop was The Christmas Story house. This is worthy of its own post, so I will move on to the next stop….

Next up was Progressive Field – home of the Cleveland Indians!




The ballpark was named Jacobs Field after team owners Richard and David Jacobs, from its inaugural season in 1994 until 2008, when its name was changed to Progressive Field after its naming rights were purchased by the Progressive Insurance Company.

However, fans refer to the ballpark as The Jake, based on the park’s original name.

If you want to go to Progressive Field, the address is 2401 Ontario Street, Cleveland.


When we were done walking around Progressive Field, we started to head towards The Cleveland Browns’ stadium, but on the way, we saw a fire engine in action, so we had to stop to watch, but by the time I managed to parallel park our rental car and we jumped out to get a picture, the truck was gone!

No worries though. We realized we were right in front of the Cleveland Hard Rock restaurant, so we got this cool picture:











Ok, now on to the Cleveland Browns’ stadium. The address is 5400 Lauby Road, and it is right on the water front, and right next door to the Rock and Roll Museum.







If you zoom in on the stands, you will see a sign that says “PAUL BROWN”. Anyone have any idea who Paul Brown is? Let me know.




The Cleveland Fire Fighters Memorial is very close to the stadium, so we headed there next. It is a nice memorial built in memory of the brave Cleveland fire fighters who gave their lives in the performance of their duties since 1863.

This memorial is on the same property as the Great Lakes Science Center. It is one of the nation’s leading science and technology centers and home to Northeast Ohio’s NASA Glenn Visitor Center.


If you want to see the fire fighters memorial and/or visit the Great Lakes Science Center, head to 601 Erieside Avenue in Cleveland.











And there is a really cool wind mill in the front of the property.  It looked really pretty against the bright blue sky on Saturday.











And now for one of the “hmmm, how about that” things we saw ….. on the corner of 9th Street and Lakeside Avenue (Willard Park) is the World’s Largest Rubber Stamp!!!!

The stamp is over 28 feet long, 26 feet wide and 49 feet tall! The word FREE is in the stamping area. It was originally designed to stand up, with the word FREE face-down on the ground. The FREE message supposedly was a reference to the Soldiers and Sailors monument from the Civil War era which was located right across the street from the park where this stamp statue originally stood. After some corporate bickering, the stamp was modified to sit on its side, and it was dedicated in its new location in November 1991. The artist who created this sculpture, Claes Oldenburg reportedly said that it looked as if a giant hand had picked up the sculpture from its intended location, and angrily hurled it several blocks, where it ended up on its side.

All together now……..Hmmm, how about that.



On to the amazing Rock and Roll Museum and Hall of Fame! I’m a little annoyed that The Monkees have not been inducted here, but whatever – their loss. If the powers-that-be from the museum came to the concert on Saturday night, they would have felt the excitement that these men sparked in this filled-to-capacity crowd – this, more than 40 years after they were at their prime.

Nonetheless, the museum is an amazing place and just fyi….you need at least 5-7 hours to do it properly. Wear comfortable shoes. It’s a lot of walking and standing looking at items. It is $22 per adult to get in. At the end of the self-guided tour, you end up in a HUGE rock and roll gift shop.

Before we go in to the museum though, I want to show you some pictures of the Cleveland waterfront. It’s beautiful. The city has done an amazing job of cleaning up the waterfront area.  No more fires on the river!















We even saw a wedding photo shoot on the edge of Lake Erie!  It was beautiful!







You are not permitted to take pictures or videos inside of the museum, so all I have for you are pictures from the outside and main lobby.





















We had a time limit of 3 hours because we were heading to the concert, so we had to pick and choose what we wanted to definitely see and what we thought we could pass on. My favorite thing was the clothing displays. Concert outfits from musical entertainers were on display and they were beautiful, and colorful and fascinating.

After we left the museum, we got changed and headed to the Lakewood Civic Auditorium to see The Monkees.

Coupongy Note: I will make a separate post for the concert pictures and videos.

After the concert, we headed to The Great Lakes Brewing Company for a late dinner.












The Great Lakes Brewing Company is located at 2516 Market Avenue, in the heart of the Market District.

The Great Lakes Brewing Company was the first microbrewery in the state of Ohio. They now produce over 100,000 barrels annually. Dinner was delicious. So was the Christmas beer!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing Cleveland, part 1, through my lens!


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