Product(s) Endorsements – Be Ready To Get The Best Deals On Your Holiday Shopping!



Both of these websites are amazing shopping aids.   I do not purchase anything online without first checking with RetailMeNot on my iPhone.  Almost always I will get a discount code or free shipping.

You can click here for RetailMeNot.  When you get to their home page, you simply type in the name of the store or website you are trying to purchase something from, and it will give you a list of their coupon codes or discount codes or free shipping codes.  They also have a free app that you can get for your smart phone and be armed with extra savings before you head out this weekend!

As for Coupon Sherpa, well, I’ve been using this site for over a year now – mainly when I am physically in a store.  You can click here to get to Coupon Sherpa.  They also have a free app for your smart phone.  Simply show the coupon information on your smart phone to the clerk at the store when you are done shopping and you will be amazed at what you can save.

I give both of these sites 2 Coupongy thumbs up.





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