Free Biggest Loser Workout Mix!

workout mix

Since the new season of The Biggest Loser starts this Sunday night (a 2-night premier), how would you like a Biggest Loser Workout Mix for FREE so you can feel the burn too??!!

Click here to download the workout mix. You will need to put in your email address and the code FREEBL4 to drop the price from $10.99 to $0.00! You can download it as a zip file or right to your iTunes account.

Songs include:

Hey Soul Sister (HumanJive Remix)
Half of My Heart (CPR Remix)
Cooler Than Me (CPR Remix)
If We Ever Meet Again (CPR Remix)
Wavin’ Flag (Ronnie Maze Mix)
Dynamite (CPR Remix)
Undo It (CPR Remix)
Ridin’ Solo (HumanJive Remix)
I Like It (CPR Remix)
…..and more


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