Bachelor Sean Episode 3 ** Don’t Read If You Don’t Want To Know **


1-on-1 date: Lesley Murphy. The go to the Guinness World Record Attraction on Hollywood Blvd and set the record for longest on screen kiss. I wrote about this back when it happened, as many fans were outside witnessing this. Later on, Sean and Lesley make out which is shown in the first promo of the season.

Group date: Malibu Beach. 12 girls playing a volleyball game, with the winning team getting a 2nd portion to the evening. The winning team was: Kacie, Jackie, Desiree, Lindsay, Amanda, Robyn. The losing team: Leslie, Kristy, Taryn, Daniella, Tierra, Catherine. Lindsay got the rose on this date.

On the morning of the next 1-on-1, Tierra falls down the stairs at the mansion and has to be taken to the hospital. This is who you see in the promos being taken out on a stretcher.

1-on-1 date: AshLee Frazier. Sean takes her to Magic Mountain where they spend the day with two chronically ill teenagers and watch a performance by the Eli Young Band. AshLee gets a rose.

Girls who didn’t get a date: Sarah Herron and Selma Alameri

Right before Sean starts handing out roses, he asks to talk to Kacie Boguskie away from the group and sends her home. Not sure the reason, but I’m guessing it has to do with just seeing her as just a friend.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Kristy Kaminski and Taryn Daniels. Kacie eliminated right before rose ceremony began.

Thanks Reality Steve!


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