Kate Gosselin And Kendra Wilkinson On Celebrity Wife Swap

Who’s been missing Kate Gosselin?  After getting fired from her blogging job, the Dancing With The Stars star has kept a low profile.  Kendra Wilkinson has also been drama-free after having her second child.  But ABC just announced that the two will be appearing on Celebrity Wife Swap!  

 ABC is changing their line-up starting February 26th.  Celebrity Wife Swap will be coming on at 8 pm, and The Taste coming on at 9.  To help fans to remember to tune in, ABC is putting two reality TV vets to the test-by having them swap lives!  Kate Gosselin, the famous mom of 8 from TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 and season 10 of Dancing With The Stars, will be swapping with Kendra Wilkinson from season 12 of DWTS. 

Not only is Kendra appearing on Celebrity Wife Swap, but also in the upcoming celebrity diving show, “Splash”.  Kendra has two children, and lives with her husband, Hank Baskett.  Kate is divorced and single-but that’s not stopping her!  A rep from ABC reminded everyone that being married is NOT a mandate.  ABC released a statement, saying the series “follows mothers in two celebrity families with very different values as they swap lifestyles, children and homes (but not bedrooms), for one week and embark on a journey like no other.” – She Knows



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