Who Will Turn Down Bachelor Sean’s Fantasy Suite Invitation? ** Don’t Read If You Don’t Want To Know **


Last week on The Bachelor, Sean Lowe sent a devastated Desiree Hartsock home after getting slammed by her brother during the hometown visits.  This week, Sean and the final three gals are headed to Thailand, but which girl will turn down the fantasy suite?

Tomorrow, The Bachelor is back with the final three ladies, and the fantasy suites – yippee! But, rumor has it that one woman will turn down an invitation to the fantasy suite – who is it? First, let’s run down what is going to happen on the dates this week.

ABC boasts that Sean and Lindsay will share a date out on the town, eating bugs (yes bugs!), and ending up on a romantic beach.  Meanwhile, AshLee will join Sean in a trip to the rain forest, where the pair will have to swim through a pitch dark cave (something that will terrify AshLee).  Catherine gets a romantic afternoon boat ride with Sean, where she tries to assure Sean that she is definitely ready for marriage, unlike what her sisters told him last week.

Now, the site also claims that AshLee will draw a “moral line in the sand,” when it comes to the fantasy suite, and various spoilers claim that she indeed turns down his invitation.  We’ll just have to watch and see what really goes down, and if it proves true.

ABC also claims that one of the women is so heartbroken over her elimination, she leaves without even speaking to Sean. Who is it?

The woman that is eliminated tonight is….AshLee Frazier!

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