Blue Man Group – Where Do I Even Start?

blue man group logo

blue man group 2


I saw The Blue Man Group this weekend.  It wasn’t my first, second or third time for that matter.  And, I still don’t know where to begin.  Definitely TWO THUMBS UP though!!

The official Blue Man Group definition is:  Blue Man Group is a multinational media and entertainment company with theatrical and digital media operations across four continents, permanent live performance installations in seven cities, an ongoing theatrical tour of the USA and Canada, as well as a highly acclaimed show on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic.

I don’t know about any of that official stuff – what I do know is that if you get the chance to see the Blue Men, you should, and you should pay to get the best seats possible.  Trust me.  It makes a difference.  Music, lights, comedy, audience interaction, laughter and mayhem – you will experience all of that during the 2 hour show.  You get all of this, yet not one word is spoken the entire night.  Not one.  Go figure.

If they come back to town (or out of town), and you want to go, I’ll go with you!  That’s how much I enjoy The Blue Men.

Oh, and there are job openings with The Blue Men.  Click here if you want to apply!!!

The theatre was pretty strict about their “no photography or videos” rules, but I did manage to snap a few pics and take a few videos during the AMAZING finale.  There’s no way to describe the complete overload to your senses during the finale.  This is what it looks like:

photo-388 photo-387


But this, this and this is what it sounds like.

See you next time, Blue Men!



This is all I have left from my 2013 visit with The Blue Man Group:













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