A Snowy Afternoon With The Harlem Globetrotters!



We spent Saturday afternoon with Big Easy and the boys!  What fun!

Did you know that The Harlem Globetrotters adopted “Sweet Georgia Brown” as their theme song in 1952?  The recognizable, whistled tune is played when The Globetrotters warm up in their “magic circle”.

Click here to see them warm up in their “magic circle” – and make sure your volume is up!  I guarantee you will smile!  You may get an “ear worm”, but you will smile!

The team’s mascot is Globie!  He’s an entertaining “man” with a globe for a head.


You can check out Globie’s half time show by clicking here.

“Big Easy” is the ring-leader – the modern-day “Meadowlark Lemon” if you will.  He was very good at keeping the audience involved.



He even wanted to share his popcorn with us, but as you can guess, it ended up all over the floor in front of us.


I loved his shoes.


We had court-side seats, which were great!  We got up close and personal with “Handles”.



Click here to see the Globetrotters as they were introduced to the crowd – which if you notice the stands are probably less than half filled – it was snowing like crazy on Saturday and the roads were pretty bad – I think people must have been apprehensive about driving.  Not me though!

It’s pretty unbelievable how they can entertain and do crazy-amazing basketball tricks – especially this one…..see him?  Look ON TOP of the net.



There was a female Globetrotter!  What fun!  And, she could handle herself just fine.  Yo go girl!

IMG_5941_2 IMG_5943_2


The opponent?  Well, what can I say – they didn’t stand a chance!



So 2 Coupongy thumbs up for a snowy afternoon with The Harlem Globetrotters!  Now, if I could just stop whistling Sweet Georgia Brown.







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