A Night With The World’s Greatest Teen Idols!

teen idol tour


Wow!  What a night!  I saw this concert last night – it was being billed as “The World’s Greatest Teen Idols” concert.  It was amazing.  Personally, it would have truly been the “World’s Greatest” if Bobby Sherman was there as well, but anyway……it took me 5 hours to go 91 miles….what the heck is up with that?  Crazy, crazy traffic up there in New York City and Long Island.  I was hoping the whole way that the theatre and the performers would make this trip worth it.






Peter Noone is a showman.  He interacts with the audience with ease and grace.  His smile is infectious.  His songs are happy songs.  I could watch Peter Noone any night of the week.  Micky Dolenz.  What can I say.  Besides now being a “Noone-a-Tic”, I am a true-blue Monkees fan.  Any chance you get to see Micky Dolenz perform, you should take.  But, tonight was mostly about getting to see David Cassidy for the first time in XX (you figure it out!) years!  I could not wait to hear him sing “I Think I Love You”!!!!  All the tension built up from sitting in ridiculous NYC traffic was wiped away when he started to sing.  Very Happy Coupongy!!!!

I’ll tell you something I noticed right away – on Thursday, David Cassidy was on The Today show promoting the auction of his famous 1970s era wardrobe in order to raise money for the Alzheimers Association of America.



Well, if you look closely in my pictures, you will notice he was wearing the same shirt yesterday….two days in a row!  Maybe he got it at a BOGO sale????

Anyway, I am not the fashion police by any means, and I was there to hear him sing.  I got my money’s worth (in more ways than one), and I will see him again if given the opportunity.

So, the show was at The Westbury Theatre in New York.  It’s a theatre-in-the-round.  There really isn’t a horrible seat in the theatre.



And for this show, the majority of the audience had hair like this guy who was sitting in front of me.



There were middle-aged women (the high end of middle-age) throwing bras on stage and dancing in the aisles (not me).  It was a show in itself.

Rounding out my over-the-top stress-filled week with The Greatest Teen Idols Tour was just what I needed.  I went to sleep happy.  And, I woke up humming “I Think I Love You”.

Click here to hear Micky Dolenz sing Pleasant Valley Sunday.

Click here to hear Micky Dolenz sing The Last Train To Clarksville.

Click here to hear Peter Noone sing Henry VIII.

Click here to hear Peter Noone sing Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter.

Click here to hear Peter Noone sing I’m In For Something Good.

Click here to hear David Cassidy sing I’ll Meet You Half Way.

Click here to hear David Cassidy sing Cherish.

Click here to hear David Cassidy sing I Think I Love You. (Note:  I didn’t film this in HD, so the video is very blurry, but the sound is fine and you will get it).  And, you will be singing this for the next few days.  Sorry.  Not.

Click here to hear David Cassidy, Micky Dolenz and Peter Noone sing Daydream Believer in honor of Davy Jones.

The only thing I would say to David Cassidy is that if he really wanted it to be The Greatest Teen Idols Show ever, he would have to get Bobby Sherman up on stage too.  Come on, I dare you.









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