How Hot Is It??

blue sky


It’s March 23rd.  It’s Spring.  The sky looks beautiful – bright, blue and clear.

Don’t let that beautiful blue-ness fool you.

Apparently, tomorrow, my front yard may look like this:



On Thursday, I hung a bunny on my front door.

When I got home on Friday, the bunny had lost half his mustache – from the hot sun baking on my storm door – right through the freezing cold wind.



And, today, after yet another freezing cold and windy day, I came home to find my bunny looking like this:



Now, one ear, one eye are completely gone.  The remaining ear is curled, and his nose is crooked.  Still something very cute about him though, right?

Phil’s a fraud.



But, the best weather story I heard today was from a Texas weather broadcast.  Check out this woman describing the hail storm they just had there.

hail storm


Click here to hear her describe the hail!

Hail yea.  My front door is ridiculously hot and I burn my hand trying to get in out of the cold.  How does that happen?












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