AshLee And Brad Sitting In The Tree?

ebdf41c7-cd5c-300b-a46d-a07edfc4c668 AshLee


Okay, we knew that AshLee Frazier was open to dating Chris Harrison, but Brad Womack? He’s not quite who we imagined that Frazier would hook up with, but rumor has it that the former The Bachelor star and former contestant are dating!

Brad Womack? Seriously AshLee? Yep, according to US Weekly, AshLee and Brad are officially dating. AshLee recently posted a photo of the pair hugging on Instagram, with the caption: “Game day. Who’s the real winner here? #Astros #twoTexaskids #wgt,” leaving fans questioning whether or not they are dating.

One insider confirmed the news to US Weekly, revealing that Frazier and Womack met at an event in Texas and have been seeing one another ever since. Even AshLee’s ex-husband wished her well in her new relationship, telling the magazine: “Good for her. I wish her all the best.” Good for them. It’s just an odd pairing, don’t you agree? But, whatever makes them happy, right?

AshLee Frazier caused quite the stir this season on The Bachelor, when she took to the Women Tell All, accusing Sean Lowe of hinting that she was going to be the one he chose. Sean denied all of Frazier’s accusations, and was left wondering what he did that caused her to believe such a thing. We still can’t be certain which one of them was telling the truth. – Lisa Princ



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