Happy National Hug Your Cat Day….Now Go Have Some Free Queso!



June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day!   That makes today the perfect opportunity to put your cat front and center and thank him or her for being there to keep you company, make you smile and listen to all of your problems without judging you.

So, without further ado, here are some cats that will probably get some hugs today – not from me (sneeze, cough, can’t breathe, etc.), but from my cat-loving friends. 


Daisy and the Coupongy Correspondent from Sinking Springs.


Francois and a Coupongy Correspondent from New York.


Petunia and a Coupongy Correspondent from  New York.

red cat

Gracie and the Coupongy Correspondent from Haddon Township.

black cat

Barney with the Coupongy Correspondent From Haddon Township.

Beijo and Mango 

Beijo and Mango from the Coupongy Correspondent in Virginia.

Darcy Guinness

Darcy and Guiness (both are ready to be adopted) from the Coupongy Correspondent in Virginia.

….and the other cats from Virginia who are getting hugs, but not pictured here:   Clancey, Inkbot, Smudge, Ninja, Sarge, Finley, Phantom and Stealth….Happy National Hug Your Cat Day!

So, now that all that hugging is done, why don’t you head to On The Border for dinner where you can get a free bowl of Queso because today is also National Cheese Day!

national cheese day

Click here to get your printable coupon for some free Queso when you purchase an entree at a participating On The Border Mexican Grill today!  Today is also $2 Taco Night at On The Border….I’m just saying. 

See you there!




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