I Tweeted NASA Tonight…..


….and I crack myself up just saying that.  How many times in your life can you say “I tweeted NASA tonight” ????

My list of Top 10 Coolest Things I ever did just got altered a bit.  Tonight, I watched the count down to a rocket launch on my iPad, and as soon it lifted off, I ran outside with my trusty cell phone camera because I only had 120 seconds to catch it as it zoomed by my house!  I knew it had lifted off from seeing it on NASA TV (yes, really), and I knew that it had left Virginia because the Coupongy Correspondent in Herndon, Virginia texted a resounding “Holy Crap” as it flew by her!

Click here to listen to the T-1:30 countdown!  Don’t blink during the 10 second countdown, or you will miss it.  I had no idea something that big could move that fast!



This is what the control center looked like right after liftoff.  It made me feel so insignificant.

And, this is what it looked like to the lens on my iPhone.  Even more insignificant.



It’s there, I swear.  This is what it looked like…..



I found this picture on Yahoo – it’s exactly what it looked like to me tonight.

Bravo NASA.  Bravo.



One Comment on “I Tweeted NASA Tonight…..”

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