Happy National Iced Tea Day! Why Not Have A Free Bloomin’ Onion With Some Iced Tea To Celebrate?

iced tea

June 10th is National Iced Tea Day! 

In 1904, English tea plantation owner Richard Blechynden set up a booth to sell hot tea at the St. Louis World Fair. It was a sizzler of a day, and fair visitors didn’t want anything hot. Rather, they needed something to quench their thirst… something cold. He dumped some of his hot tea into ice and served it cold. It was an immediate hit. This was the first known use of iced tea.  –  HolidayInsights

ryan newman

To help celebrate National Iced Tea Day today, why don’t you head to Outback for dinner?  Driver Ryan Newman finished in the top 10 yesterday in the Outback car, so today, everyone gets a free Bloomin’ Onion with the purchase of an entree!  No coupon needed, just tell your server “Ryan Bloomin Newman” and you will get a complimentary Bloomin’ Onion! 

I’m free for a late dinner tonight.  I’m just saying….


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