Terry Terry Terry Terry…A Night With Terry Fator

terry ticket

Terry Fator has his own theatre in The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.  It’s called “The Terry Fator Theatre”.  Go figure.  I’ve flown over 24,000 round-trip miles to see Terry Fator 5 times….ok, ok….. I flew those miles to see a certain someone else, but I always see Terry Fator while I’m there.   And for good reason.  In my humble concert-going opinion, Terry Fator has the best all-around show for the money. 

This summer, Terry has taken his show on the road for a bit so fans who don’t get to Las Vegas have an opportunity to see him and his cast of thousands!  Last Saturday Terry performed in Atlantic City and I had another opportunity to watch him perform!   

ben harris

Terry’s pre-show, crowd-warming disc jockey, Ben Harris, is so entertaining he could have his own show, so make sure you are in your seats in plenty of time to watch him.  Click here to watch Ben’s Pre-Show routine!

castterry fator

Terry, 8 of his puppets, and his assitant, Taylor, who happens to be his wife,  performed to a sold-out crowd, and the New Jersey show was every bit as good as the Vegas show.


  Walter T. Airedale sang his signature county songs. 

emma taylor

Emma Taylor threw signature kisses to the audience and belted out some very big girl songs for being such a youngster!  Click here to hear Emma sing Aretha!


Wrex, the crash test dummy, sang his automobile themed songs.


Duggie Scott Walker, the most annoying neighbor ever, sang his heavy metal favorites.  And, he can scream DUUUUUDDDDEEEE better than anyone I know. 


Vikki The Cougar – my personal favorite – is a hair-tossing, perpetual 49 year old who favors men between the ages of 21 and 24.  She is Duggie’s mother?????  Click here to hear Vikki sing!


Julius is a very soulful singer who thinks does not think Terry can sing soul songs!!  Click here to hear Julius and Terry sing some Stevie Wonder!


Then, there is Maynard Thomkins – the World’s Greatest Elvis Impersonator who sings Aaron Neville songs!  He sings every Elvis song in his head though, and he imagines the audience in their underwear to calm his stage jitters!  And, he is the reason this post is entitled Terry Terry Terry Terry.  Click here to hear Maynard sing.

Before the finale of the show, Terry pulls someone out of the audience and turns them into a puppet – all 6 times I’ve seen this show, it’s been a male audience member, and they have been transformed into either Cher or Dolly Parton.  Hysterical!   Last Saturday night it was a man named Al, and he was transformed into an obviously lop-sided Dolly Parton.  Click here to watch Al/Dolly in action!


And, finally – Winston The Impersonating Turtle.  If you close your eyes, you would think you were listening to Kermit the Frog, but since The Muppets own the rights to Kermit and Frogs and such, Winston became a Turtle.  Winston is lovable and cute and he helped Terry win America’s Got Talent a few years back! 

Click here to hear Winston and Terry sing Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” for the finale of the show. 

Terry just recently performed his 1,000th show at The Mirage.  If you find yourself in Vegas, do yourself a favor and get tickes to see the Terry Fator Show.  I know there is already technically a “Mr. Las Vegas”, but, I believe Terry Fator is Mr. New Generation Las Vegas!  Two thumbs up!

The pictures in this post are from Yahoo.com images.  The videos are mine.

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