The Magical Coupons.Com Printing Machine

mars machine

I live in Shoprite / Acme / Whole Foods country.  This past weekend, I ventured around some supermarkets in the Baltimore County area since I will be spending a lot of time there now.  This area is Giant / Safeway / Weis / Mars country. 

I went to each supermarket and signed up for their points cards, got a sales flyer, and had the customer service desk explain their coupon policies to me.  My last stop was Mars.  Have you ever been to Mars?  Not Mars, Pennsylvania or Mars, the planet.  No good reason to do either as far as I am concerned.  Mars the supermarket, however, is another story.  The customer service clerk told me they do not have points cards, they do not double coupons, they do not take internet coupons, they do not take coupons for “free” items.  While she was telling me all this, I was thinking to myself “why would anyone come here when you could go 2 blocks down to Giant, and they would double coupons, take internet coupons, give you credits towards gasoline purchases, and take competitor’s coupons (seriously, you can bing a Target coupon for Windex to Giant, and they will take it!)”. 

And then, the Mars clerk told me “BUT, we have a printing machine right by the front door”.  See it pictured above?  Tucked in the middle of a bunch of free standing displays is a machine.  Woo Hoo!    I walked right by it on my way in – didn’t even notice it.  Am I the only one who doesn’t know about these little gems? 

So, you stand at the machine, and page through all the coupons and when you see one you want, you just touch the screen and the coupon prints out right there, for free, and no limits.  I looked around to see if Candid Camera was watching me.  I really thought it was a joke.  No limits?  Really. 

Click here to watch that video that nerdy old me took as I printed my first coupon. 

So, I paged through the screens and printed out multiple coupons for items I knew I was going to purchase at other stores, and patted myself on my shoulder on my way to my car. 

Armed with my multiple coupons from the magical machine at Mars, I proceeded to do this for $15.68 at another supermarket.

mars stuff


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