Casting Calls For Hell’s Kitchen And Amazing Race


Producers will be at the Westin hotel (99 S. 17th St., Philadelphia, PA) on Monday, June 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. to find hopefuls for Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, which submits chefs to the tender ministrations of Gordon Ramsay.

Candidates are asked to bring their chef coat and a culinary/restaurant resume – but no cooking utensils, since no one will actually be cooking.


Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, now airing, started with six Philly-area and Pennsylvania contestants. West Philly’s Zach Womack was sent packing Tuesday, June 13, leaving York’s Jon Scullion.


KYW will be hosting an Open Call for The Amazing Race in Atlantic City, NJ on August 30th from 12 Noon – 3 pm at the Taj Mahal Hotel and Casion Resort. 

Some FAQs: 

What is the minimum age requirement?

Applicants must be 21, by the start of the next Race  to apply.

Do I need to be a US Citizen? 

YES. All applicants must be US citizens with a valid US passport and valid US drivers license.

When will I find out if I make it to the next round of casting?

We are casting now for a race that travels October and December 2013, and could air February 2014.  Calls will go out as early as May 2013.

Will I be contacted regardless of whether or not I make it to the next round?

Due to the large amount of submissions, we are unable to contact each person individually.

When do they film this upcoming season?

The filming dates for the season we are casting are sometime between October 2013 and December 2013

I have applied before, do I need to fill out another application and submit another video?

Yes. After we cast each season, those tapes and applications go into storage and you need to re-apply and re-submit a new video each season.

Can I apply with the same person as I applied with before?


Can I apply with a new person, even if I have applied with someone else in the past?


Can I apply more than once this season, with several different teammates?

You can, however we advise that you pick the person that would make the best and most interesting teammate. This is a show about relationships, as well as a race around the world, so your teammate should be someone close to you, probably not the co-worker that you have only known for 3 months.

I am not able to upload my video, are there any special requirements to do so?

Please ensure your video is less than 30MB and in one of the following file formats : mpg, mpeg, flv, avi,mp4, mov, 3gp, wmv, mv4


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