Peace, Love And Bobby Sherman


A very happy, belated 70th birthday to Bobby Sherman!  Bobby’s 70th birthday was on July 22nd.  70.  Go figure.  How did that happen?

Did you know that Bobby Sherman hand built a 1/5 replica of Disneyland’s Main Street in his back yard?  It started out as a playhouse for his two sons, and ended up being a miniature Disneyland. 

Did you know that Bobby Sherman suffered hearing loss from crowds of screaming girls at his concerts?  I may or may not be partially responsible for Bobby Sherman’s hearing loss.  Bobby Sherman was the first concert I ever went to.   My Dad took me.  I was 12 and thought I was so cool.

Did you know that Bobby Sherman toured with Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits) and Davy Jones (Monkees) in the 90s as part of The Teen Idols Tour?

Did you know Bobby Sherman was rated 8th in TV Guide’s list of top teen hearthrobs?   (Scroll down if you want to see the list).

Bobby – if you are reading this, PLEASE come back out with Peter and Micky.  Please, please, please. 

TV Guide’s Greatest Teen Idols List – I don’t know what the parameters were, but here you are:

1. David Cassidy  (See you Friday night!)
2. Ricky Nelson
3. John Travolta
4. Johnny Depp
5. Edd Byrnes
6. Luke Perry
7. Richard Chamberlain
8. Bobby Sherman
9. Davy Jones
10. Troy Donahue
11. Jason Priestly
12. Rick Springfield
13. Leif Garrett
14. Donny Osmond
15. Will Smith
16. Scott Baio
17. Ashton Kutcher
18. Clay Aiken
19. Kirk Cameron
20. Ricky Schroder
21. David Boreanaz
22. Chad Michael Murray
23. Michael J. Fox
24. Carson Daly
25. Joey Lawrence

Did you know Bobby’s career path, after show business, was in the paramedic/police fields?

BobbySherman NOW

Click here, and turn up your volume to listen to La, La, La or Easy Come, Easy Go or Cried Like A Baby or Julie, Do you love me?



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