R.I.P. Margaret Pellegrini

margaret then

As reported in the AP, Margaret Pellegrini, one of the original Munchkins from the 1939 classic movie “The Wizard of Oz,” has died. She was 89.

margaret now

Pellegrini has said she was 16 when “The Wizard of Oz” was filmed. She played one of the “sleepy head” kids and wore a flowerpot on her head in the movie.

Later, Pellegrini was a guest speaker at grade schools across the Phoenix metropolitan area for many years.  She usually appeared in costume and told stories about her time as a Munchkin, The Arizona Republic reported. She also told children that the “Wizard of Oz” movie was a moral lesson.  “There are two roads in life that you can take — the wrong road and the right road,” she said. “And remember, there really is no place like home.”

When asked by the newspaper if the Munchkins had sung for the movie, Pellegrini shook her head.   The real singers were “adults, dubbed in,” she said. “They just played the record faster so their voices would sound high.”

With her death, only two of the original 124 Munchkins in the movie are still alive.  The surviving Munchkins are Jerry Maren, 93,  (holding lollipop in both pictures) who lives in Los Angeles, and Ruth Duccini, 95, (third from right) who lives in Phoenix.munchkins

Jerry maren


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