The Guitar Circus – Sonny Landreth, BB King And Peter Frampton – An Amazing Night Of Music

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I thought I was going to have a nice, quiet night at home tonight to pack for vacation next week, but I received a pair of free tickets to see The Guitar Circus in Atlantic City, so I will pack tomorrow – because when else will I have the chance to see Sonny Landreth, BB King and Peter Frampton on the same stage together again?  What a night of music.

So, here is my concert-going expert review.

First – our seats were free from the Taj Mahal promotions department, so the seats were, hmmm, let’s just say NOT front and center.  I like front and center.  But the price was right, so no whining from me tonight.  This just means I do not have any of my own pictures – we were too far away.  I got these pictures from Yahoo images.  I do have video though – and while it is not close up, the sound is great and you can get a good idea of what we heard.

I was pretty sure what to expect from a Peter Frampton concert.  I can name and sing his songs.  I knew who BB King was, and I knew some of his songs.  I never heard of Sonny Landreth before tonight.

For me, Sonny Landreth is a great guitar player – he plays a “slide guitar” – it looked like he was slapping his guitar with his fingers – rather than plucking at the strings with a pick.  I’ve never see anyone play like that.  He plays a mix of blues and rock and jazz and it is very loud and I am very glad I got to see him, but for me it was more like head banging than head bopping!  Don’t get me wrong, he was excellent, just not my cup of tea.

Up next was BB King.  I’ll tell you what…..a music icon.  He is 87 years old and out on tour with Peter Frampton.  Try to top that one!!!  He could not stand up – he sat on a chair in the center of the stage and played that guitar like nobody’s business.  His voice is magical – you know it’s him the minute he opens his mouth.  But don’t let the chair fool you – that man can shake his hips with the best of them – and he loves shaking them!  The audience was attentive, sang along and gave him a standing ovation when he left the stage.

Before he left, Peter Frampton came out and sat down next to him and had a good old jam session!  Peter said BB King was his mentor and inspiration and without him, he would not be where he is today.  It was all just amazing to watch and hear.  I am so very glad I got the opportunity to see BB King before he ends his career.  If you get the chance to see him, I highly recommend it.

And, finally Peter Frampton took the stage.  Exactly what I expected.  He can play a mean guitar.  Coming off his last tour in 2011-2012 which was a huge success, he tried to decide what to do next, and came up with a tour where it is all guitars since that is his passion.  He put out feelers to find out who would be interested in touring with him and the first person to say yes was BB King!  And then came Robert Cray and Sonny Landreth and Steve Lukather, Steve Cropper and Don Felder from the Eagles.  While any of these musicians would have been wonderful to see, I am especially glad I got to see BB King.

Frampton smiles when he is on stage.  He makes me feel like he enjoys being there – he is not “at work”.  I loved singing along to his songs (I don’t know how the people sitting around me felt about that, but…).   The show started at 7:30 and went a full 4 hours.  Well worth the price of admission!

Click here to hear BB King and Peter Frampton sing The Thrill Is Gone.

Click here to hear BB King and Peter Frampton on stage together.

Click here to hear Peter Frampton sing Show Me The Way.

I would have taken more video, but my iPhone is almost out of space – just because I have over 2,400 pictures and videos stored should not mean anything, right?

And now I can’t get The Thrill Is Gone out of my head and it’s 3:00 in the morning.


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