David Cassidy: The Good, The Strange, The Bad



The good:

Just look at him.  Years ago, I had a poster just like this in my room.

Life goes on.  Fast forward oh, 40 years or so.



I had 5th row tickets to see David Cassidy in concert in February of this year.  On the day of the concert, I got notice that the show was cancelled due to inclement weather.  Ok.  I accept it.  The blizzard of the year was supposed to come on the same day as David Cassidy.   No rescheduled date, just a full refund of the ticket price. As it turned out, neither the storm nor David Cassidy came to New Jersey that day.  I watch his website as the 2014 concert tour schedule starts to grow, and find him hosting the Worlds Greatest Teen Idol concert (with Peter Noone and Micky Dolenz) in the spring.

I got great seats to this show….travelled over 100 miles to Long Island, New York with the Fireman, and loved every minute of the show.



Flash forward to this past July.  David Cassidy is due back on stage in Atlantic City, NJ.  I get tickets for seats just about within reach of David Cassidy!  Happy Happy Happy!

The strange:

A few days before the show, I see on his website the following article:

Cancelled Concert July 20, 2013

By WEB TEAM | Published: JULY 21, 2013

The concerts at the Mid-state Fair have been cancelled. Due to a severe burn David suffered last week, the doctor required David to stay home and rest, not to travel, and certainly not to play guitar or exert himself.

David apologizes to his fans for any inconvenience.


I dig around on the internet to find out what happened to him and if he was going to be able to perform one week later in Atlantic City.  I find this:

David Cassidy – David Cassidy Touring With Hand Injury

by WENN | 22 July 2012
David Cassidy

Picture: David Cassidy performs at the Magic City Casino Miami, Florida – 14.04.12

Ageing pin-up David Cassidy is recovering from a fractured finger as he tours America.

Performing in New York on Thursday night (19Jul12), the former Partridge Family star told fans his “bum middle finger” was hampering his guitar playing.

He explained, “I’ve been ailing a bit. I fractured my finger and apparently tore some tendons.”

At one point in the show he shook hands with a fan in the front row, and joked, “Easy, I only have one good hand left!”


and this:

I appreciate your love and concern

By DAVID | Published: JUNE 28, 2013

Recently I have had eye surgery and I had a fall. I broke another finger on my left hand but that’s okay, it is healing. Nothing will stop me from playing and from doing what I love to do.

I was really sick during the San Diego concert. It took me almost 12 hours to get to San Diego because a flight was delayed by 4 ½ hours. That didn’t help, but I am really great now and I’m looking forward to this summer.

I had an amazing number of messages from friends and fans who heard I was really ill. I was, but it will take a lot for me not to play. I know a lot of people spend a lot of money to come and see me so I don’t want to let them down unless I am completely unable to go on stage.

Thank you for all the messages that I received from all over the world. I really appreciate them.

I am really okay and back better than ever and feeling really, really excited about the shows I have coming up. I really appreciate all of your love and concern.

I am more excited now about playing than I have ever been. I am having the best time I have ever had playing live now. It’s an amazing experience. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love to do.

Much love,


So, now, 2 days before my third attempt to see David Cassidy I know that he has had eye surgery, been sick, broke a finger and burned his arm.  And, he is a guitar player.  Will he cancel his show?  Will he be able to play the guitar?  In my mind I see David Cassidy on stage with an eye patch, and a finger brace and burn bandages singing I Think I Love You to the audience.

The Coupongy Correspondent from Cherry Hill and I made the trip to Atlantic City and watched a theatre full of women scream and yell and try to pull David Cassidy right off of the stage.

Here’s what I have to say.   He’s in there – David Cassidy – he’s in the body of the person on the stage, and somehow he is pulling off singing all the songs we all went to hear.  His smile is there.  It says he loves performing.  I believe he enjoys how he makes a living.

DSCN0987 DSCN0990 DSCN0983 DSCN1009 DSCN1001

So, as you can see from these pictures, there is no “evidence” of eye surgery, and even though you can’t “see” the broken finger on these pictures, I could see he did have some difficulty with the guitar – not much though.  The evidence of the burn was hard to miss.    All this aside, he had us all singing the whole night, he even tossed his sweaty towel to a young lady in the audience who was thrilled to get it!  I had a great time.

Want to see and hear some songs from the concert?  Here you go.

Click here to hear I Woke Up In Love This Morning.

Click here to hear Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Wanted.

Click here to hear Daydream Believer.

Click here to hear Come on , Get Happy.

Click here to hear I’m A Believer.

And finally, click here to hear I Think I Love You…….I dare you not to sing out loud.  Also, watch and listen as he leans into the crowd to touch the women in the front row and they try to pull him off the stage – by his bad arm.   You can see the pain in his face.  You can hear him admonish them.  You can see him continue to sing.  I give him a lot of credit for continuing to perform.

Ok, now the bad:

David Cassidy mug shot


Last week, while I was out of the country on vacation, I got 5 emails from people who know what kind of a music fan I am, telling me that David Cassidy was in the news again.  This time, it was for being arrested on a DUI.  COME ON DAVID.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?   Dude – you have a great talent, a great fan base, and you’ve been given a gift to continue to make money doing what looks like you enjoy doing while much of the rest of the world is struggling with employment, bills and all kinds of other nonsense.  Get help.  Come On Get Happy.


David Cassidy was arrested on Wednesday in upstate New York for driving while intoxicated, ABC News has confirmed.

According to the Schodack Police Department, the singer, 63, was arrested just after midnight for felony DWI and failure to dim headlights. He was arraigned and remanded to Rensselaer County Jail in lieu of $2,500 bail. He later made bail and has since been released.

Cassidy is scheduled to return to Town Court on Sept. 4.

A representative for the performer could not be reached for comment.

This is not the first time Cassidy has had legal issues.

In 2010, the former “Partridge Family” star was arrested for DUI and driving with an open container. A few months later, he pleaded no contest. His driving privileges were suspended for six months and he was on probation for a year.

Click here to see David Cassidy get arrested for DUI.

This makes me sad.  Very sad.  I have no tolerance – zero – nada – nil – zilch – zippo for what you are doing.  Stop it or I will not come to any more concerts.











4 Comments on “David Cassidy: The Good, The Strange, The Bad”

  1. Sabine says:

    Like many of us fans, I feel your pain. You may have seen that he lost his mother within the past year, and is now going through a divorce. If I recall correctly, Shirley Jones said in a recent interview that he was not doing well and, to paraphrase, that he struggles with some of the same daemons as his father did. It’s always frustrating and sad to watch people’s self-destructive behavior, but especially someone beloved like David. We all hope that he emerges from this difficult time at peace and happy again.

    • Coupongy says:

      I couldn’t agree more. He is so talented and a joy to watch perform. I wish him all the best and hope to see him on stage many more times in the future. Life throws curveballs to everyone sooner or later; more to some than others. I hope David is able to overcome the issues he is dealing with and enjoy a happy, healthy and successful life. His REAL fans, myself included, would love nothing more than to sing I Think I Love You along with David for many more years to come. Thank you for reading Coupongy and writing a very nice comment. You would not believe some of the things people write.

      • Marie says:

        Saw David Cassidy in concert in Santa Ynez a week ago. I had a great time. I went down to the foot of the stage and sang along with him to his songs, (with a lot of other ladies). It was great!

        I didn’t know he lost his mother recently. It’s terrible losing a parent. You’re not yourself for about a year or two. Mourning can make a person “wig out ” in different ways.

        He’s so talented. I wish him the best!

      • Coupongy says:

        I agree with you 100%. Thanks for reading Coupongy!

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