Who Knew It Was A Hoo Doo?

hoo doo 5

A Hoo Doo, by definition is something or someone that brings bad luck, and in geological terms, a hoo doo is a pilar of rock, usually of fantastic shape, left by erosion.   So, in my quest to see everything in the world, I decided to try to find this so-called elusive Hoo Doo in Kingsville, Maryland.  I had no plans to touch it, or take sand from the base – I get into enough problems in my life without bothering the almighty Hoo Doo. 

According to RoadsideAmerica.com, this particular Hoo Doo Marker has defied repeated attempts at discovery, but as of August, 2013, I can tell you, this particular Hoo Doo Marker is clearly visible and easy to get to.  It is located at 12301 Bel Air Road (Route 1) in Kingsville, Maryland.   If you set your GPS to take you to that address, you will see a red brick veterinarian office.   Pull in the driveway (it is downhill from the road) and park. 

You will not see this Hoo Doo from the road because it is directly behind the steel guardrail and there really is no safe shoulder to pull over on to get out of your car.  Just park in the parking lot and walk a couple of feet uphill to the Hoo Doo Marker.  It’s there, you can’t miss it.

hoo doo 6 hoo doo 1

I don’t know what the little “house” is – I was too scared to touch anything!  I am going to assume it is some kind of old well house or something like that though.  I walked all the way around the Hoo Doo Marker.  

hoo doo 4

The etchings are very worn and partially buried at this point, but it goes something like this:

This stone is in place of a double poplar tree, a boundary of expectation francis freedom alias young’s escape and the second boundary of onion’s prospect hill, the latter now owned by Edward Day. Cursed be he that removeth his neighbor’s landmark and all the people shall say amen. Deuteronomy chap 27 verse 17

In other words – stay off my property or bad things will happen to you.

A contributor to RoadsideAmerica.com, did some investigating and found the following history as it relates to this Hoo Doo Marker:

The Hoodoo Marker was probably set up in 1810 by Edward Day to assert where he believed that the corners of three properties (called “Expectation,” “Young’s Escape,” and “Onion’s Prospect Hill”) met. His neighbor, Thomas Todd, didn’t agree, and it went to court with Edward Day and Thomas Kell against Todd. Todd apparently prevailed, because on March 14, 1814, an agreement was signed by the parties wherein the boundary stone was to be moved, and Todd’s legal expenses were to be paid by Day and Kell.

The thrashing of the unfortunate Underwood Guyton was probably so that he would remember when and where and by whom the stone was placed. It was probably a vestige of an ancient British custom called “beating the bounds.” Leave it to Edward Day to find the least pleasant way of marking his territory.

Another Internet find was a web page describing sites of interest around Kingsville, Maryland, which included a photograph of the Hoodoo Marker, and the statement, “This ‘curse’, taken from Deuteronomy, seems to have prevented the stone from being moved to this day.”

 hoo doo 3 hoo doo 2

Thanks to the Coupongy Businessman, Therapist and Fireman for taking me to see this HooDoo Marker!

FYI, if you’ve ever been to Bryce Canyon in Utah, you have seen some big time HooDoos:

Bryce Canyon Amphitheatre hoodoos

I’ve seen a lot of HooDoos in my travels, and it is true – don’t alter the HooDoo or bad things will happen.  Trust me.


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