How To Get 2 Dove Men’s Bodywash, 2 Axe Deodorants and 1 Suave Professionals Product For A Few Pennies!


Did you get this coupon packet in your Sunday paper last weekend?  If so, follow these steps and score some great products for a few cents!

First – you need to have 2 of the above circulars.

Cut out 2 of each of the following coupons:

dove coupon axe coupon

Cut out 1 of this coupon:

suave coupon

Next, sign on to your Rite Aid Video Values account (click here if you don’t have one – it’s free), and watch the short video ad for Dove and for Axe.  You should get 2 coupons that look like this:

vv1 vv2

Head on over to Rite Aid and pick up the following products:

2 Dove Men’s Body Wash – it is on sale this week for 2 for $7:

dove bodywash

2 Axe Deodorants – it is on sale this week for “buy 1, get 1 50% off”:

axe deo

And 1 Suave Professional Product (like hairspray, etc) – it is on sale this week for $2.00:


Bring your 5 products to the counter, show your Rite Aid card, and turn in your 7 coupons.  Your total should be $4.43 plus tax.  When you get your receipt, you will get a $5 +UP Rewards!

Happy shopping!


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