Your Free Watch May Keep On Ticking And Ticking. Check This Deal Out.

target logo

Here is a super-dee-dooper deal for today, and it involves a decision-making dilema for you. 

There is a glitch in Target’s mobile app and it is offering a mobile coupon for “buy one, get one free accessory” – meaning sunglasses, jewelry and watches, with a value of up to $58.99. 

Typically, coupons like this will get you the lower priced item for free.  Well, this coupon is giving you the higher priced item for free.  If you want to take advantage of this error, here is what you do:

Text the word OFFERS to 827438 from your smartphone.  You will get back, almost instantly, a link to click on and you will receive all the Target mobile coupons right on your smartphone.   Scroll down and you will see this coupon:

mobile coupon

Now, head to Target and pick up the cheapest piece of clearance jewelry or sunglasses you can find – bonus if it is something you actually like and will use!  Then pick up a watch that you like – with a value of up to $58.99.  They have really nice Timex watches at Target. 

Head to check out, let the cashier ring up both items, and then tell her you have a mobile coupon, and show her your bar code on your smartphone.  The computer will scan the coupon and deduct the price of the watch. 

Check out what the Coupongy Correspondent in Sinking Springs just got at 2:42 pm ET today:

total deal

The clearance earrings (which apparently are my Christmas gift!) were $2.38.  The Timex Expedition watch was $34.99.  The mobile coupon was scanned and deducted $34.99 from her bill and she got a brand new Timex for $2.53 (once tax was added).  Plus, if you have a Target credit card, you can charge your purchase for an additional 5% off your $2.38 bill! 

So, head on over to Target if you want to take advantage of this marketing error.  You run the risk of the error being fixed when you get there and the deal back-firing, but if that happens, you can just void the transaction, get some popcorn at the snack bar, head home and call it a night.   On the other hand, you may score a great Timex watch for practically nothing! 

I just went in to my local Target at 5:30 pm, and scored this deal with no problems or questions asked!


Let me know how you make out!


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