Never Shop Without The Sherpa


Seriously, don’t shop without your Sherpa!

By definition, a Sherpa is

a member of a people who live in the Himalayas and who are often hired to help guide mountain climbers and carry their equipment.     So, a it makes sense that a Coupon Sherpa is someone/thing that helps guide you through your shopping trip.   I love, love, love the Coupon Sherpa.  Two Coupongy thumbs way up!

First – go to the App store, and download the FREE Coupon Sherpa App.  The icon has the picture of the Sherpa you see pictured above, holding the red flag.

Whenever you go shopping, check with your Coupon Sherpa.  It will track your whereabouts – but that’s how he knows what discounts to offer you.  So, say you are in the mall and you want to go to Bath & Body Works for the deal I posted here for 7 bottles of antibacterial hand soap for $20.   When you are in the store, simply open your Sherpa app and you will get and alphabetical list of what deals are available – it will look like this:


Simply click on the Bath & Body Works line and you will get something like this:


When you are ready to check out, simply show your smart phone to the cashier, and she will scan the code on your phone and give you, in this case, a free Signature Collection item of your choice (value of up to $12).  Woo Hoo!

I got this for free yesterday when I was in Bath & Body Works getting the soap:


Coupon Sherpa has a website too if you want to check it out – click here and save to your favorites!

So, never shop without your Sherpa!


One Comment on “Never Shop Without The Sherpa”

  1. […] app before you get there for an additional discount or free item!  Gotta love the Sherpa.  Click here if you don’t know about Coupon […]

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