Let’s Do This! It’s All About The Orange Bucket!

lets do this

Well, this is the latest craze from The Home Depot.  Remember a few months ago I told you about the “must have” Home Depot Tote Bag?  If not, click here to be reminded!

Well, now it’s the orange “Let’s Do This” bucket!

This Fall is all about the orange bucket. You’ve seen it before, right? You’ve seen it in a million places, out of the corner of your eye, in a garden, at the gas station, behind a barn, used as a seat, and played as an instrument… you get it. You get it because it’s really a very useful bucket.  Plus, it retails for less than $3.00!

Here is my favorite use for the buckets so far!

Well, The Home Depot wants to know:  how do you use the bucket?   Where have you seen the bucket in action?

Spot a bucket? Snap a pic, and share it with #LetsDoThis. “Let’s Do This” is a rallying cry and a call to action for whenever people need a nudge, extra motivation, or a swift kick in the project, so let’s get our DIY on with the bucket by our side.  Let’s grab a bucket and take our next project from to-do to done.

The Home Depot will be featuring your awesome bucket pics and projects all season, so #LetsDoThis.

So, I gave my self a swift kick in my project and went to Home Depot.



Stay tuned!  I’ve always wanted to play the drums.


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