Resting In Peace In Westbury, New York

holy rood


Located on Long Island, in Westbury, New York is the Holy Rood Cemetery.  It is a beautiful resting place and I took a few moments to walk around inside the gates when I was in Westbury recently.

William Casey, who served as the head of the CIA for most of the 1980s is at rest here.

william casey

His resting place is beautiful.



Nearby is the resting place of John Paul “Jay” Monahan.

jay monahan   IMG_0279

Jay Monahan was a television personality who was known as a fine lawyer and legal commentator for TV.  He was married to Katie Couric, the host of NBC’s “Today” program.  As legal analysis for NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC, during his career he covered many major cases to include the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, Timothy McVeigh civil trial and the Unabomber civil trial.  He died of cancer at age 42 in Manhattan, New York.

robert chipman   IMG_0281

Bob Chipman was a major league baseball player. The 6-foot-2 left-handed pitcher appeared in a total of four games in 1941-43 with Brooklyn.  He was 3-1 with the Dodgers when he was traded on June 6, 1944 to the Chicago Cubs for second baseman Eddie Stanky.  Chipman was 12-10 in 1944 and 4-5 with a 3.50 earned run average when the Cubs won the 1945 National League pennant, but he pitched only one-third of an inning against Detroit in the World Series.  He remained with the Cubs until he was sold on April 18, 1950 to Boston.  He went 12-11 for the Braves the next three seasons.  He was 51-46 lifetime with a 3.72 ERA and 29 complete games in 87 starts.

sam zoldak    IMG_0275

Sad Sam Zoldak was a major league baseball player.  The left-handed pitcher belonged to the Philadelphia Athletics when he was traded to St. Louis on Feb. 17, 1944 for catcher Frankie Hayes.  He made his debut for the American League champion Browns that year in 18 relief appearances without a decision.  He didn’t pitch in the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.  He was 3-2 in 1945, 9-11 in 1946 and 9-10 in 1947 before being traded to Cleveland on June 15, 1948 for pitcher Bill Kennedy and $100,000.  He was 9-6 with the AL champion Indians but again didn’t appear in the World Series.  He was involved in a complicated three-team blockbuster trade on April 30, 1951 that sent him and catcher Ray Murray to the Athletics in which the Chicago White Sox received outfielder Minnie Minoso from the Indians and outfielder Paul Lehner from the A’s. Philadelphia also received outfielders Gus Zernial and Dave Philley from the White Sox and the Indians landed pitcher Lou Brissie from the A’s.  On July 15 of that year, Zoldak had a no-hit bid spoiled when the White Sox’s Chico Carrasquel hit a dribbler between short and third for a single in the third inning of a second game of a doubleheader.  His nine-year totals were 43-53 with a 3.54 earned run average.


Perhaps the most beautiful part of The Holy Rood Cemetery is the 911 Memorial Garden.  This area of the cemetery is a very special place as it was built to remember those who lost their lives during the September 11, 2001 tragedy.  In addition, the monument is meant to honor the many individuals who came to the aid of others in need, during and after the tragedy.

There were two kinds of sacrifice during the 9/11 tragedy: the sacrifice of the innocent and the sacrifice of oneself for others.  Those who died in the 9/11 tragedy were innocent victims of political fanaticism.  The hateful, unjust acts of the terrorists exemplify self-absorbed human beings at their worst.  Conversely, the firefighters, EMS workers, police, fellow victims and countless individuals who helped others, often sacrificing their own lives, exemplify human beings at their best.  The tragedy was a juxtaposition of the worst and the best of the human race; the worst hatred next to the greatest love. 

The names of those who died are memorialized and this is a place where families can come for remembrance and meditation.  This memorial was erected in 2004, and the large eight-foot wide by twelve-foot high black granite structure contains the inscribed names and occupations of those who died on September 11th (as requested by their families) who are at rest at Holy Rood.  This shrine is a fitting and sacred memorial to those who perished and is seen as a place of solace and hope for the families they left behind.  


Some of my co-workers are buried here.  Good friends are buried here.


I hope they are all at peace.


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