Guess What Day It Is? The Voice Behind The Camel.


You can just hear him, can’t you?   Hump Day, yeaaaaaaaaaa.  Whoever hired the voiceover guy did a great job – the voice is a perfect match for the camel character.

Did you ever wonder who was the voice of the camel?  I did.

According to station 106.1, You have to give the minds behind GEICO’s ad campaigns credit, they certainly have a knack for creating commercials that stick with the viewer. The gecko and the cavemen have both solidified themselves in American pop culture over the years, and their newest campaign, “Happier Than”, has had its fair share of memorable spots as well, including the most recent entry, “Happier Than a Camel on Hump Day”.

If you’ve not seen it yet, the spot features a camel walking around a typical office setting asking what I assume to be his co-workers if they know what day it is. By the looks on their faces, we’re led to believe this is an every Wednesday occurrence they’ve grown beyond tired of.


The idea of a camel walking around an office and everyone acting as though it’s no big deal in itself is funny, but it’s the camel’s voice that really sells the ad. His delivery and enthusiasm over what is essentially an inside joke that has run its course with everyone BUT him in this make believe office is the star. So who’s responsible for it?

Chris Sullivan

That would be Chris Sullivan. A Broadway actor in New York City whose list of credits also includes small roles in TV shows such as Law & Order: SVU on NBC, Elementary and A Gifted Man on CBS, along with The Americans on FX.  One of his best friends is the mandolin player on the commercial:


If you need your daily hump day commercial fix, and want to hear a great interview Chris Sullivan did about this commerical, click here.

Happy Hump Day!  Yea.


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