Want To Screen A New Movie And See It Before It Opens To The Public?


Sign up for “gofobo”!   Click here to be directed to the gofobo site, and create an account (it’s free). 

front page

Click on the blue button that says “create account” and fill in the information.  Once you are all registered, you can search for screenings that are available in your area.  Click on the tab that says “screenings” and  you will get this screen:

Find a screening

Fill in your zip code and how many miles you are willing to go to get to the movies.  Obviously, the more miles you enter, the greater your selection will be.  Use the drop down box to pick a movie you are interested in seeing, enter the code and hit search.  You will get a list of locations with screenings available to you.  It will look like this:

Screenings in my area

You can pick the screening you want to go to and follow the directions (below).  If the choice says “enter rsvp code”, you will have to enter an rsvp code that you heard on a radio or tv station. 

You can also enter sweepstakes on gofobo.  On the same front page:

front page

Click on the “sweepstakes” tab and enter contests that you would like to enter. 


Read the details on each contest, because like these two that I just received, they are in California.  I am in New Jersey.  Unless I happen to be traveling in California on the same dates as the events, it is not worth it for me to enter – especially since if I should win, I have to show ID that matches my account information in order to get in, so I can’t give my prize to someone else.

Ok, so back to the screenings – these screening tickets are given out so that the theatres appear full.  More tickets are given out than there are seats in the theatre, so you need to get to the theatre plenty early to get in line and guarrantee yourself your seats.  You must have a printout of your pass.  When you get to the theater, make sure you get in the right line for the screening, and not the general ticket line. 

Sometimes at the end of a screening, you may receive tickets to come back to another movie, or other small prizes.  Sometimes, not all the time.

Here is the 411 on how gofobo 


  1. How do I get an RSVP Code?
    Gofobo movie screening passes are typically only accessible with an RSVP Code. Gofobo RSVP codes are given out by radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, retail stores or online Web sites that have partnered with studio clients for a screening. Partners often give away RSVP Codes in the form of contests or giveaways for their members. For detailed information on how to obtain a pass please visit gofobo RSVP codes explained.
  2. I’m having problems printing my passes.
    Once you have RSVP’d for a screening and selected the number of passes you would like, you will be directed towards the last page of the RSVP process. You have two options. To email the passes to yourself click on EMAIL. A PDF of your passes will be sent to your email address. You can then print them anytime prior to the screening. Please note that a PDF image of passes on a smart phone can’t be used in lieu of a printed pass.

    To print your passes immediately, select the PRINT button. This will open a download window allowing you to save the PDF to your computer. Some computers with slower internet connections may experience a slow download process. Please be patient as this may take several minutes for your passes to download. If your passes do not download, try the following steps.

    1. Go to gofobo.com
    2. Log in using your gofobo or Facebook account
    3. Click the ‘my fobo’ | ‘my screenings’ tab
    4. Click on ‘reprint passes’ next to the screening
    5. When the file dialog box appears click ‘Save’

    This will save the PDF directly to your computer. Open the document, print it out and bring your passes with you to the screening. It is also a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Gofobo also recommends using the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer.

  3. I forgot my password.
    If you forgot your password, click the ‘login’ link at the top right of the page, then select ‘Forgot your password?’. Enter your email address to have a new password emailed to you. Follow the link in the email and reset your password.



  1. What is gofobo?
    Gofobo is an online community where movie fans can interact with the movies through advance movie screenings, promotions, contests, sweepstakes and special events.
  2. How do I create an account?
    Becoming a member of gofobo is free.

There are two ways to join gofobo. To create an account, select the ‘Register’ link in the top right corner of the home page. You will need to enter your information and then confirm your e-mail. Once this is complete, you can search for passes to movie screenings, enter contests, post comments and interact with your fellow movie lovers.

The second way is by logging on through your Facebook account. Click on the ‘Facebook Connect’ icon at the top right side of the screen and follow the steps. Please note that to RSVP to a screening you will need to provide demographic information and a valid email address that can be used to reach you in case the screening changes.


  1. What is a movie screening?
    There are two types of screenings, open and private. An open screening is one where the publicist in charge of the screening has decided to allocate a certain number of passes to the gofobo community that can be redeemed without an RSVP code. These passes can be released to the public at any time, so be sure to check back often.

    Private screenings are ones that are only available to members who have an RSVP code from a promotional partner associated with that screening.

  2. Does a pass guarantee my admittance?
    No. Advance movie screenings are always overbooked to ensure the theater is full. Pass holders will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Members of the press (newspapers, radio, television stations, etc.) will often be seated first.
  3. What if all screenings are private or no longer have passes available?
    Passes for screenings go very, very quickly. In order to increase your chances to obtain passes check the site on a regular basis, as additional passes are sometimes added, often after the screening has initially sold out.
  4. What time should I arrive to a movie screening?
    Gofobo recommends arriving at least one hour before the beginning of the screening. Once the screening has begun, no one will be admitted. If the film is very popular, please plan to arrive earlier than one hour prior.
  5. Where should I go when I arrive at the theater?
    When you arrive at the location, a line will be set up for the screening. Check with the theater manager or screening representative and let them know which screening you’re attending. It’s always good to check to make sure you are standing in the correct line.
  6. Will there be security at movie screenings?
    Due to the increasing threat of piracy, all advance screenings will have security. All bags are subject to search, and frequently no recording devices will be allowed into the theater. These may include camera phones, voice recorders and PDAs with cameras.
  7. What if the screening is full and I don’t get in?
    Don’t let the experience of not being admitted ruin your night. Have a secondary plan of action like going to dinner or paying to see another film if the screening is full. Be sure to have your pass scanned as a turnaway as publicists often, but not always, reach out to those who were unable to attend a screening.
  8. Why do I need to show my ID to be admitted to a movie screening?
    This is done to help prevent individuals from RSVPing multiple times and taking away screening opportunities from other individuals. The gofobo pass states that the studio representative has the right to ask for your ID. It is gofobo policy that the name on the pass must match the name on your ID. Please make sure that your first name and last name are the same as they appear on your ID. If you are unable to provide matching ID you may be turned away.
  9. May I take a child to a movie screening?
    You are welcome to bring any guest to the theater, as long as you comply with the Motion Picture Association of America rating system. However, discretion is recommended. Remember that certain movies may not be appropriate for children.


  1. How do I find movie screenings in my area?
    From the home page, select ‘Screenings’. Enter your ZIP code into the search box, select your search radius, and select your preferred movie (you can leave this blank to search for all movies). This will then show you all the screenings in your area. If none are shown, try revising your search to a larger area. Screenings are added daily, so please check back frequently.
  2. How do I RSVP for a movie screening?
    To reserve a pass for a movie screening, find a screening that is in your area and click the ‘Open Screening’ link if it appears. If passes are available, an RSVP icon will appear at the bottom of the page.
    Make sure you are logged in and click this link. All gofobo passes will ADMIT ONE to the event. If the screening allows you to invite a guest, you will see an option to print an additional pass for your guest.
  3. How do I invite a guest to a movie screening?
    All gofobo passes are ADMIT ONE. However, when you RSVP for a screening, you will often be able to invite one, two or three guests to the screening. When you RSVP, there will be an information area on that page that lets you know how to invite a guest.
  4. I have a code for a movie screening. How do I use it?
    Codes can be entered by visiting gofobo.com/rsvp or by inserting them into the RSVP box at the top of the site. If the code is valid, it will take you to the appropriate page and begin the RSVP process.
  5. How do I update my e-mail address?
    You can update your e-mail by visiting the ‘my fobo’ section and selecting ‘edit my account’ on the top left of the screen,
  6. How do I deactivate my account?
    Go to Contact Us and send a request asking to have your account deactivated.
  7. What if it says my e-mail is unavailable?
    If your e-mail appears as unavailable when signing up, this means there is already an account created with that address. If it is yours, simply click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the login screen and instructions for resetting your password will be sent.
  8. I tried to reset my password, but I didn’t receive an e-mail.
    If you pressed ‘Forgot your password?’ and haven’t received an e-mail within the next five minutes, please verify that your spam filters will approve e-mails sent from seemovies@gofobo.com. If you do this and still don’t receive the new password e-mail, please send a comment to gofobo, using the Contact Us link.
  9. It says my password is incorrect.
    If your user name and password are incorrect, select the ‘Resend My Password’ option and a new password will be automatically sent to you. Once this is entered into the system, you can create a new password in the ‘edit my profile’ area.
  10. The screening search said ‘Open Screening’, but no passes were available. How come?
    Yes, passes for gofobo movie screenings go quickly. We do our best to provide a fair system that gives all movie fans the opportunity to attend an advance movie screening. If you are unable to get passes, don’t give up. We recommend visiting the site on a frequent basis as movie screenings are added daily.
  11. How do I print passes?
    To print your passes, make sure you have RSVP’d for the screening and invited any guests (if applicable). Then select the “Print passes” icon to bring up a page that appears to be a pass. It will have a bar code and read ‘Admit One’ on each pass you have. Print the pass page(s) and bring it with you to the event.
  12. How do I unsubscribe from the e-mails?
    To unsubscribe from an e-mail list, please follow the instructions on the bottom of the e-mail you have received. You can also unsubscribe by going into the ‘my fobo’ page and then clicking ‘edit my account’ Once there, uncheck the options for e-mails you no longer wish to receive. For detailed information on how to unsubscribe please visit How do I change my notification settings.
  13. I’m having problems signing in. Please help.
    If you experience problems signing in, we recommend you double-check the following: 1) Is your CAPS LOCK on? 2) Is your password CaSE SenSItiVe? If it still doesn’t work, then we recommend resetting your password. A new password will be sent to your e-mail.
  14. I lost my pass. Can I reprint it?
    Your pass will be saved under the ‘my fobo’ | ‘my screenings’ area on gofobo. If you lose your pass, you can return to this area and reprint your pass. If you downloaded a pass but are unable to attend the screening, we suggest releasing your pass so that others can attend. This can be accomplished by selecting ‘cancel rsvp’.

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