Movies Of The Mind Tour – An Evening With Mike Nesmith


This past Friday night I saw Mike Nesmith’s “Movies of the Mind” show at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.  You know The Colonial Theatre – the one where The Blob chased everyone out in Steve McQueen’s 1957 movie?  Click here to be reminded .  The theatre is in downtown Phoenixville and it was a beautiful theatre that is either in major need of some TLC or in the middle of being upgraded.  I’m not sure which.  There was scaffolding outside the theatre, but you can still get the idea.

IMG_0071 IMG_0070

The inside of the theatre is supposed to look like this:

colonial good

This is what it looks like before a concert starts:


It’s dark because the lights were out, but yes – that is peeling paint all over the balcony walls. It was sad.  I hope it is in the process of being renovated, because it has potential to be a grand place!  It was a nice place to see a show.

This was my fourth time seeing Mike Nesmith this year.  Twice with “the other Monkees” and once when he was out on his spring tour.  Again, as I said previously, the people who came to this show expecting to see this


were probably disappointed.  If you knew you were getting Mike Nesmith, and not “one of the Monkees” you probably had a great time.  I did.  Mike plays a 12 string guitar like nobody’s business.  His band is amazing.  Chris Scruggs plays a mean mandolin (including playing with his teeth) and along with keyboardist Boh Cooper, bassist Joe Chemay, and drummer Paul Leim comprise amazing musicians for a singer.  He introduced his band to the song “Listen to the Band”.   Perfect.





Mike introduced each song or vignette with a short story of what he “saw in his mind” as he was creating his music.  He reads his music off of an iPad that is attached to a microphone stand.  He has a big-a$$ tour bus.  If you know “his” songs, you could not help but get in to the music – especially Lucy & Ramona.  That one gets me every time.


But mostly, what I love about seeing Mike Nesmith on stage is that he gets this huge grin on his face when he gets on stage to a loud reception, and when he finishes a song and the audience applauds – he has an undeniable smile on his face that says he is happy to be there.  He looked like that last spring when he first went out on tour alone. Whether it is just a front or not I don’t know, but he makes me feel like he loves his job.  He makes me feel like he is happy to be there, and that is just fine with me.  I think that the next time Mike Nesmith tours, I will participate in a “meet and greet”!

IMG_0086  IMG_0079 IMG_0075    IMG_0092

Click here to see Mike Nesmith perform Some of Shelley’s Blues.

Click here to see Mike Nesmith perform Propinquity / I’ve Just Begun To Care.

Click here to see Mike Nesmith perform Different Drum.

Click here to see Mike Nesmith perform Lucy and Ramona Cruisin’. (Turn up your volume!)

Click here to see Mike Nesmith perform Joanne.

Two Coupongy thumbs up for Mike Nesmith on tour!


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