Bachelor Juan Pablo Episode-By-Episode Summaries Including The Final Rose Ceremony Results **Don’t Read If You Don’t Want To Know**

juan pablo

Well, here we go again – just a few weeks to go until we watch Juan Pablo’s season on The Bachelor.  The best reality tv writer in the universe (IMHO), Reality Steve, just published his week-by-week summaries, and they are as follows:

Episode 1 (airing January 6th): Los Angeles, CA (27 down to 18)

ABC’s press release yesterday states that the “Bachelor” premiere is Monday, Jan. 6th, which is true, but that’s the actual show. As mentioned in the Oct. 30th post, there will be a special on Sunday night the 5th that will focus on Juan Pablo’s girls for the season.  Showing us a lot of their intro videos, and a couple girls were even surprised by Chris Harrison and the production team who showed up to give them a rose.  You know, kinda like how Carson Daly shows up to surprise people on the “Voice,” even though there’s nothing surprising about it since the people already know.  So yeah, that’s what will air on Sunday night the 5th.  No word yet on if it’s going to be a 1 or 2 hour show.  That’ll be announced as we get closer to the premiere.

As for some of your limo exits, back in the Oct. 15th post and the Oct. 22nd post, I filled you in on a few things that were gonna happen:

-Lucy wore a hippie dress, a flower power head band, and went shoeless on the first night.  Should we have expected anything less?
-Kat salsa danced with him.  Good.  Kat dancing is what this world needs more of.
-Ever heard of a piano bike?  Yeah, me neither.  But Lauren Solomon showed up night one riding in on one of these:


-Ashley Poe gave him a gold star being a first grade teacher and all.  I think she should’ve gone with a fruity smelling eraser.
-Molly the dog got out of the limo before Kelly did.  Kinda like how Ben’s son got out first last season.  And yes, Molly lived at the mansion with the girls until they left LA.
-Of course you had the obligatory soccer reference, and Alli came out of the limo with soccer shoes on kicking a ball around
-Amy Jokinen (one of the girls confirmed today) put him on a table for a massage during her 1 on 1 time at the cocktail party.  Lovely.  Happy ending?
-Remember this tweet from night one?  Well, she was on her phone texting out of the limo:

-Clare faked a pregnancy out of the limo by wearing a fake baby bump
-Nikki had a stethoscope that she wore which she let Juan Pablo use to hear her heart beating
-Sharleen got the first impression rose

Once the first episode is online and released to the media and I somehow get my hands on it, I’ll add anything to the night 1 shenanigans that aren’t already here.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Maggie Gantt, Alexis Morgado, Kylie Lewis, Amy Jokinen, Lacy Faddoul, Ashley Poe, Christine Llano, Valerie Eredia, and Lauren Higginson

After night 1, here are your remaining 18 women along with their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts:

Chelsie Webster:
Facebook – Chelsie Webster
Twitter – @ChelsieRene
Instagram – Chelsiewebby

Andi Dorfman:
Facebook – Andi Dorfman
Twitter – @AndiDorfman
Instagram – Andi_Dorfman

Sharleen Joynt:
Facebook – Sharleen Joynt
Twitter – @Sharleenjoynt
Instagram – Sharleenjoynt

Nikki Ferrell:
Facebook – Nikki Ferrell (still not turned on as of 11/16)
Twitter – @Nikki_Ferrell
Instagram – Nikki_Ferrell

Clare Crawley:
Facebook – Clare Crawley
Twitter – @Clare_Crawley
Instagram – ClareCrawley

Kat Hurd:
Facebook – Kat Hurd
Twitter – @KatHurd
Instagram – KatHurd

Alli Restko:
Facebook – Alli Restko
Twitter – @alligal77
Instagram – Alligal77

Kelly Travis:
Facebook – Kelly Travis
Twitter – @KellyTravisty
Instagram – KellyTravisty

Lauren Solomon:
Facebook – Lauren Solomon
Twitter – @LaurenSol
Instagram – LaurenSol

Amy Long:
Facebook – Amy Long
Twitter – @AmyLong7117
Instagram – AmyLong7117

Renee Oteri:
Facebook – Renee Oteri
Twitter – @ReneeOteri
Instagram – FloridaRay18

Lucy Aragon:
Facebook – Lucy Aragon
Twitter – @LucyAragon
Instagram – LucyAragon

Danielle Ronco:
Facebook – Danielle Ronco
No Twitter as of 11/16
Instagram – Dannironc

Chantel Forrest:
No Facebook as of 11/16
Twitter – @ChantiRella
Instagram – ChantiRella

Elise Mosca:
No Facebook as of 11/16
Twitter – @EliseMosca (still not turned back on as of 11/16)
Instagram – EliseMosca

Cassandra Ferguson:
Facebook – Cassandra Ferguson
No Twitter as of 11/16
Instagram – CassandraFergie

Christy Hansen:
Facebook – Christy Hansen
Twitter – @Christyhansen_
Instagram – ChristyHansen

Victoria Lima:
Facebook – Victoria Lima
Twitter – @KittenAstrology
Instagram – VictoriaLima88


 Episode 2 (airing Jan. 13th): Los Angeles, CA (18 to 15)


After night 1 happened, and before his first 1-on-1 date, that’s when Sean & Catherine visited Juan Pablo at his house to talk to him about whatever. You know, since they’d never even met each other before, I’m sure it was some deep conversation where Sean gave savvy advice. Or just another way to let people not forget Sean & Catherine are getting married live on ABC Jan. 26th.  Gotta do that and shove down people’s throats a successful relationship from the show considering we’re certainly not gonna get a marriage out of this season.  You notice how the Trista/Ryan, Jason/Molly, and the Ashley/JP weddings all took place when the show wasn’t airing?  Doesn’t it interest anyone why they couldn’t make Sean & Catherine’s AFTER Juan Pablo’s season ended?  Why take any attention away from the season currently in progress? What, you couldn’t wait another six weeks?  Please.  Oh that’s right, I forgot.  It’s because JP’s season is an absolute farce and they need a positive love story to deflect attention away from it.  My bad.


1-on-1 date: Clare Crawley. Was at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, where Des had her stunt man group date last season. They built a man made ice skating rink, brought in fake snow and trees, and added a bunch of lights. They had a private concert performed for them by Former “X Factor” season 1 runner up Josh Krajcik. Clare gets a rose. As posted back on Oct. 3rd, here is a distant picture of how the set up looked:


Clare didn’t get to meet Camila, but Juan Pablo, his parents, and Camila apparently filmed something together on this day. Maybe they let Camila ice skate before Clare showed up or something, but Clare didn’t meet her. I’ve was just told that the parents and Camila were seen around these grounds on the day of the date being filmed.

1-on-1 date: Kat Hurd. They took a private plane to Salt Lake City, Utah to participate in an Electric Run. Kat gets a rose. Plenty of people in attendance were live tweeting this, and I covered it in Sept. 23rd’s column. Here are four links to Instagram videos captured by others from that date:

JP & Kat on stage (courtesy of Carrierunz)

JP & Kat dancing on stage (courtesy of Mellihrub)

JP offering rose to Kat (courtesy of Josi9)

JP & Kat leaving the stage (courtesy of twedebird)

Group Date: 13 girls participated in a photo shoot with rescue puppies where the girls had to dress like the dog they were taking pictures with. The girls were: Nikki, Andi, Christy, Chantel, Lucy, Victoria, Kelly, Elise, Chelsie, Alli, Cassandra, Lauren, and Renee. Sharleen, Amy Long, and Danielle did not get a date this week, so Juan Pablo had chocolates sent to them back at the mansion. Kelly got the group date rose. Victoria got so wasted at the hotel after party, she never comes back to the mansion with the rest of the girls and just stays at the hotel. Juan Pablo visits her at the hotel the next day and says it’s best that she goes home then.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Chantel Forrest & Amy Long. Victoria Lima already eliminated earlier.


Episode 3 (airing Jan. 20th): Los Angeles, CA (15 to 13)

1-on-1 date: Cassandra Ferguson. They rode in a water car down in Long Beach, then they came back to his place and he cooked her dinner. Cassandra got a rose.

Group Date: 10 girls went and played soccer at StubHub Center in Carson, CA. The 10 girls were: Nikki, Andi, Christy, Lucy, Sharleen, Kelly, Alli, Lauren, Danielle, and Renee. Kat, Clare, Elise did not get a date this week. Nikki got the group date rose.

1-on-1 date: Chelsie Webster. Bungee Jumping. Afterwards, they got a private concert with country singer Billy Currington. Chelsie got a rose.

On the day of the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo came over and cooked breakfast for the girls and there was a pool party during the day.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Lucy Aragon & Christy Hansen


Episode 4 (airing Jan. 27th): Seoul, South Korea (13 to 11)

Group date: 6 girls (Kat, Danielle, Cassandra, Nikki, Chelsie, Elise) joined the Korean pop group, 2NE1, on stage for a performance of their hit single. Nikki got the group date rose (Yes, that’s back-to-back group date roses for Nikki).

1-on-1 date: Sharleen Joynt. The two of them went shopping in Seoul and explored the city. Sharleen got a rose.

Group date: 6 girls (Alli, Andi, Kelly, Lauren, Claire, Renee) got a tour of the city. They got fish pedicures, took pictures in a photo booth, sang karaoke, then they took paddle boats that you foot paddle with on the water. Andi got the group date rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Lauren Solomon & Elise Mosca


Episode 5 (airing February 3rd): Da Nang, Vietnam (11 to 8

1-on-1 date: Renee Oteri. She got fitted for a custom dress, went shopping, and they walked around town before having dinner. Apparently Renee was one of the last people to kiss Juan Pablo out of respect for her son, so I don’t think there was any making out on this date. Renee got a rose.

Group Date: 9 girls (Sharleen, Kelly, Kat, Alli, Danielle, Clare, Chelsie, Andi, and Cassandra) went paddling rice boats down a river, and ended up at a Vietnamese family’s house, where they made their own dinner. After dinner, they rode water buffaloes. Clare got the group date rose.

1-on-1 date: Nikki Ferrell. They went cave diving then had dinner in a cave. Nikki got a rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Kelly Travis, Alli Restko, & Danielle Ronco


Episode 6 (airing Feb. 10th): Lake Taupo, New Zealand (8 to 6)

1-on-1 date: Andi Dorfman. They went walking through canyons with waterfalls and thermal springs then had dinner by a geyser. Andi got a rose.

Group Date: 6 girls (Kat, Cassandra, Nikki, Chelsie, Sharleen, and Renee) had a picnic, played rugby, then went zorbing. I didn’t know what that was either, so I googled it. Yep, they rolled down hills in giant balls.

balls2 balls1

They had their after party at the Lord of the Rings house. During this date, JP pulled Cassandra aside and eliminated her. How nice of him to look out for her considering it was also Cassandra’s birthday that day. Happy Birthday, Cassandra! Now go home! Sharleen got the group date rose.

1-on-1 date: Clare Crawley. She got a rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Kat Hurd. Cassandra sent home on group date.


Episode 7 (airing Feb. 17th): Miami, Fla. (6 to 4)

1-on-1 date: Sharleen Joynt. They went out on a yacht and had dinner. I tweeted this picture out the day of the date before I had confirmed Sharleen’s name.


1-on-1 date: Nikki Ferrell. Walked around before having dinner at Marlins Park. Plenty of pictures surfaced that day of their date by the paparazzi. Here was one picture I tweeted out:


More pictures from their date released by news outlets
green2 green1
Once JP was back from his date with Nikki, Sharleen showed up to his hotel room and tells JP she’s not feeling strongly about him so she eliminates herself.

Group Date: The 4 of them (Andi, Chelsie, Renee, and Clare) took a prop plane to a private island. Andi got the group date rose and got to continue on where they watched a musical performance.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Chelsie Webster. Sharleen eliminated herself earlier in the episode.


Episode 8 (airing Feb. 24th): Hometown Dates (4 to 3)

The day before they started filming hometowns, I posted which 4 girls had gotten them.

Clare Crawley (Sacramento, CA) (Filmed Wednesday, Oct. 23rd) They went on a picnic, had ice cream, she cut his hair, and they had dinner with the family.


Nikki Ferrell (St. Louis, MO) (Filmed Friday, Oct. 25th) Had lunch at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City, MO


These were twitter pictures of them taken on their date at Oklahoma Joe’s

bar2 bar

 Andi Dorfman (Atlanta, GA) (Filmed Sunday, Oct. 27th) They went walking in Piedmont Park, then went to SharpShooters a gun range in Roswell, GA.


Here’s a shot of Juan Pablo shooting an ITM at Piedmont Park, then a picture of both of them at SharpShooters



Renee Oteri (Sarasota, FL) (Filmed Tuesday, Oct. 29th) Went to her son Ben’s little league game before meeting her family


Rose Ceremony Elimination: (Filmed Wednesday, October 30th at the Loews Hotel in Miami) Renee Oteri


Episode 9 (airing March 3rd): St. Lucia Overnight Dates (3 to 2)

An interesting overnight date episode to say the least. Now, we’ve seen in the past a few people leave before the actual overnight take place. Frank left Ali a crying a mess in Fiji when he decided to leave because he wanted to be back with his ex-girlfriend. In Brad’s second season, before the rose ceremony started, he pulled Ashley aside and eliminated her to spare her the embarrassment of not getting a rose at the ceremony. And then in Ashley’s season, Constantine and Ashley decided it’d be better for him to leave before they even entertained the idea of jumping in bed together. There might have been others eliminated before the overnight took place, but those are the most recent ones that come to mind.

Well, Juan Pablo definitely had his overnights with all three girls. However, on the morning of the rose ceremony, Andi met up with Juan Pablo and told him she didn’t want to be there anymore and was removing herself from the competition. So the rose ceremony turned into one of those, “Only accept this rose if you really want to be here. I mean, REALLY want to, so we only have to fake this thing for another week or so.” Both Clare and Nikki accepted roses.

Rose Ceremony Elimination: None. Andi Dorfman eliminated herself the morning of the rose ceremony.


Episode 10 (airing Mar. 10th): Women Tell All


Episode 11 (airing Mar. 17th): Finale (2 to 1)

The overnight date portion of this season took place at or near Sugar Beach, which was where the rose ceremony was. Then for the final rose ceremony which took place Tuesday, November 12th, I originally reported it was going to be at The Landings resort. That was mistaken. The final rose ceremony took place at or near the Cap Maison Hotel.  Both Clare and Nikki showed up, he didn’t send one home early or anything like that. And in the end…

Juan Pablo chose Nikki, but he did not propose.

So for the first time since Brad’s first season, there will not be an engagement at the end of the season. Now, some of you may think that’s probably how it should be because how could you possibly propose to someone you barely know?  Which you’re right. Plenty of former contestants (including Jason and Molly on their podcast) have admitted how ridiculous it is to propose at the end of this thing, with Jason going so far as to say he never even wanted propose to Melissa but basically had to.  Not sure why they let Juan Pablo not propose at the end, when others in the past didn’t want to either but they had to.  However, for Juan Pablo, I’d say it’s more about him never wanting to propose to any of these girls in the first place before he even started this journey.

Make no mistake about this season, and you can choose to believe me or not – this was a complete cash grab for Juan Pablo.  He never had any interest in finding a wife on this show, or a step mother for Camila, or whatever else line of BS ABC will run at you all season.  This guy wants to act, he wants to be in commercials, he wants to model, and he wants to be on “Dancing with the Stars.”  Come the spring season, you can pretty much bet your ass that Juan Pablo will be on DWTS, even though he can’t dance a lick.  Yes, I’m sure other Bachelor’s in the past went on the show in hopes to promote themselves and their brand, we’d be naive to think they didn’t.  However, with Juan Pablo that’s all this was about. And if you think 26 women were left heartbroken leaving this show, think again.  From everything I’ve heard about this season, basically none of these girls were into him at all.  The hot, Latin Bachelor with the sexy accent lasted all of about the end of the cocktail party on night one. What’s funny about this whole thing is while the hometown dates were being filmed, I even gave my “guess” as to how the final four would play out back on Oct. 28th, and whaddya’ know, that was the exact order of elimination.  Man, I must be psychic or something.

Yes, I’m aware I had the wrong ending last season. So if you already think that this ending is wrong, there’s nothing I can say or do to convince you otherwise.  It is what it is. Over the next three months, tabloids will run stories, people will email me saying they think I’m wrong, people will have theories on why this happened or that happened.  And to that, I’ll take it all in and say “Thank you” and just move on.  Without giving up my sources and where I got this info, I can’t convince anyone who doesn’t want to believe it that this is the correct ending.  Some will choose to harp on last season being wrong, and some will choose to look at my track record over the long haul and know I had the previous 7 seasons correct.  It’s all what you choose to believe.  This is how the show ends this season and I’ll leave it at that.

Now, what’s really going to be interesting this season, and the part I’m most looking forward to, is the edit of the show.  Why? Well, because Juan Pablo chose the biggest bitch in the house and the girl that will be this season’s villain.  From all accounts that I’ve been hearing for the last month or so, Nikki likes very few people and very few people like Nikki. Now that the spoilers are out there, could they change up Nikki’s edit? I mean, I guess they could.  But apparently when you’re a raging bitch all season that never had anything nice to say about anything, it’s gonna be kinda hard.  And ultimately it’s probably why Juan Pablo chose her in the end and didn’t propose.  There is ZERO chance there will ever be a proposal in the future between these two.  If they’re even together by the time the ATFR airs, just know that’ll all be for show because he doesn’t want to be with anyone from this show.  Not for a second.  If anything, the woman he eventually will marry someday will be Carla – Camila’s mother. That’s who he wants and I don’t think it’s far fetched to think he used this show to promote both of their careers. Because once January comes rolling around, how many media outlets do you think will want to talk to Carla about what type of guy Juan Pablo is? I mean, they do share a child together.

You wanna know something else? Juan Pablo has never dated a white woman in his life.  So you’re telling me you’re going to cast a lead, where English is not even his first language, on a dating show that’s about as “white” as you can get (and English speaking to boot), and the lead has trouble speaking the language and has never dated a white woman in his life? And you expect us to believe he was sincere going in on finding a wife and stepmother?  Really?  When it’s all said and done, I think you’re going to hear a lot of things come out about this season, whether it be on my site, or in the tabloids, or coming from some of his girls Twitter and Instagram accounts, that presents overwhelming evidence to the fact that this guy could give two sh**s about the show, wasn’t really in to any of them, was never interested in finding a wife, English being his second language was kind of a problem, and he was strictly out to have a good time and promote himself.  And that means it’s going to be one hell of a season to make fun of. Can’t wait.

ABC is gonna have to do one hell of a spin/editing job this season. First, knowing that the spoilers are out there, they’ll edit the show to throw people off in any way they can. But that might be hard considering it probably will be impossible to think he picks Nikki considering how bitchy she’s gonna come across. And secondly, to convince America this guy is sincere and there’s more to him than him being Latin and having a sexy accent, because from everything I’ve heard, lets just say the light isn’t even on upstairs and nobody’s home. Oh sure, you’ll have girls in their ITM’s saying what a dreamboat he is, they can’t wait to marry Juan Pablo, they’re falling in love with him, and he’s the perfect guy blah blah blah. It’s all for show. You’re told to say that. If you don’t, you get eliminated. Simple as that. I mean sh**, two of his final 6 girls (Sharleen and Andi) decided to voluntarily leave the show. You think if they really wanted to be with this guy they would’ve done that?  Me neither. ABC is gonna push hard how he’s the best Bachelor they’ve ever had, the girls loved him, he’s such a catch, on and on and on and on it will go.  They might even publicly dispute some of the things I just mentioned just to try and discredit me . Maybe the producers knew all this going in and they didn’t care either as long as they can make the show entertaining.  But this notion that this is the best Bachelor they’ve ever had and what a great season it’s going to be is all propaganda.  In the end, a guy who didn’t care from the beginning picked the girl that no one liked and was the biggest bitch in the house. Have fun selling that to the hopeless romantics out there that think this sh** is real.  Their dream is going to be crushed.

And finally, I’m sure the next question on everyone’s mind is which one of these girls will be the next “Bachelorette?” If you look at his top 8 (since they would never go any lower than that), only 3 of them even have a realistic shot at it:

-You can eliminate Nikki because she “won.” If you call winning being with a guy who doesn’t give a sh** about you.  Even if they were broken up by the ATFR, no way she’d get the gig anyway because she’s this season’s villain.  Zero chance.
-Cassandra isn’t getting it because she’s 22 with a 2 year old.  Renee isn’t getting it because they are not going to cast back-to-back seasons of someone with a child.  Just not gonna happen.
-Chelsie is too young and immature.  Why you ask?  She carries around a teddy bear all season that she sleeps with named “Eddy the Teddy.” So, uhhhhh, yeah. I’m guessing guys won’t be quitting their bartending jobs and lining up around the corner to apply for a season with Chelsie as the lead so they can play second fiddle to a stuffed animal.
-Sharleen doesn’t even live in the United States and I don’t think relates to their core audience. Not to mention she’s a little too high brow for this show. Shocked she was even on it in the first place.

So the only 3 that I think even have a legitimate shot at it are Kat, Clare, and Andi. I think it’ll be very hard for Kat to get it because she finished 7th. T hat’d be like the lowest they’ve ever gone to cast a lead.  But she has a backstory in that her mother has cancer, so she’s at least an option. I don’t think Clare gets it either because she’d be the oldest “Bachelorette” they ever had, and, unless they change up their shooting schedule, the final 2 girl never gets it. Trista is the only girl who finished 2nd that ever became the “Bachelorette” but that was years ago when they weren’t on the shooting schedule they’re on now.  The “Bachelor” finale always airs the week they essentially start shooting the “Bachelorette.” So you can’t bring Clare to the live ATFR show that Monday, have her re-live the dumping that took place in St. Lucia, have her confront Juan Pablo, then turn around at the end of the show and announce her as the next “Bachelorette.” That’s why no final 2 girl will ever get the “Bachelorette” gig unless they decide to push back the start time of filming, which hasn’t happened in any of the last 5 seasons.

Which leaves Andi, and considering that she left on her own in St. Lucia, something tells me that was a way to start her campaign for “Bachelorette.” The producers know exactly what’s going on every moment of this show.  It’s not like Andi surprised everyone by leaving.  She had to inform somebody beforehand that that’s what she was gonna do, and I’m sure a producer helped her along with that decision by saying it would help her “Bachelorette” chances.  Obviously we’re still months away from that being announced, but I’d be pretty surprised if Andi isn’t the next “Bachelorette.”

Might be the most fun you’ll ever have watching a trainwreck as it happens. Enjoy the season. I know I will.


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