Toss The Turkey. It’s Time. In Memory Of Your Birds.


Devine turkey

Wait.  Not this turkey.

I’m actually surprised that only one Coupongy family sent a picture of their turkey AND what they had for Thanksgiving dinner! 

The Mayo Clinic says that Thanksgiving leftovers can be kept up to four days in the refrigerator, so today is the day for your Thanksgiving leftovers to “go for a walk”.  

If you want a final glimpse of how good Thanksgiving dinner was last week, take a look at these Coupongy turkeys!  You can almost still smell the wonderful aroma!

From Stratford, New Jersey:

brown turkey

From Mt. Laurel, New Jersey:

harms turkey

From Marlton, New Jersey (keeping warm):

Regensburg turkey

From the cafeteria at Reading Hospital in Reading, Pennsylvania:

Reading Hospital turkey

From Manhattan, New York:

Gartin turkey

From Idaho:

idaho turkey

From Phoenix, Arizona, where they had ThanksRIBBING dinner:

Phoenix turkey

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Drais turkey

From Herndon, Virginia:

Herndon Turkey

From Roslyn, Pennsylvania:

Young turkey

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

queen turkey

From Muhlenberg Township, Pennsylvania:

Reading Turkey


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