World Upside Down



December 6, 2013:


1.  Fly to North Carolina to go to Noonefest since I am a life-time fan club member!  So excited.

2.  Made Noone friends and shook hands with the man himself in the hotel lobby at 1:00 in the morning.  Who said nothing good happens after midnight?

3.  Won 2nd place in Peter Noone trivia contest!   Scheduled to go to sound-check, dinner and concert.

4.  Received phone call from NJ State Police that I should come home immediately.

5.  Spent better part of 9 days in hospital trauma unit waiting room.

6.  Held my Dad’s hand as he went to be with my Mom.

7.  Met my new great-niece.  She’s great.

8.  Saw Rod Stewart in concert.  Still in love.

9.  Went to movies and had Chinese take-out for Christmas.  Seriously.  Never again.

10.  Got accused of stealing a Hertz rental car.  Long story.  I’m innocent.

11.  Had ID stolen from Target Credit Card theft.  Dirtballs.  I hope they get you.

12.  Submitted job resignation after 19 years.  Missing my peeps.

13.  Have 3 more days to find some health care insurance.  Yikes.

14.  Flew to Las Vegas in an ice storm.

15.  Spent 4 glorious hours at the $5 roulette table at Binnions on Freemont Street.  Can’t wait to do it again.

16.  Helped the Fireman find an abandoned fire truck in the middle of an abandoned town in Nevada.

17.  Spent 2 hours in the rain in a cemetery looking for Tony Curtis.  No luck.  Any help?

18.  Saw Jabbawockeez.  New fan.

19.  Had $1300 taken from bogus debit card transactions in Pennsylvania while I was in Nevada with my card firmly in my wallet.  Dirtballs – whoever you are.

20.  Celebrated family Christmas in January with 22 stockings on the mantle, and the traditional family pinata.  As fun as it could be given the circumstances.

21.  Became co-owner of family business.  Wear jeans to work every day now.

22.  Had picture taken with wild donkeys in Oatman, Arizona and with a million dollars in Las Vegas, Nevada.

23.  A bird flew into my tires on my way home from work yesterday.  Aves-suicide and nothing I could do about it.

24.  Looked at my Christmas tree when I came home from work tonight.  Why can’t it put itself away?

January 28, 2014

What do you say we get back to talking about deals and tv shows and concerts and such?  Sounds good to me.








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