The Best Place To See A Sunset

Clearwater Beach

USA Today Travel has listed their list of Top 10 Places to See A Sunset.  Click here to see the entire list.  In my humble opinion, they got #1 right!  Clearwater Beach, Florida!  Someday I’m going to live there.  It might be the last thing I ever get to do at this point in my life, but some day I will live there.

I traveled to Clearwater Beach two weeks ago to watch three spring training baseball games, but the nights were dedicated to the spectacular sun sets.  If you get the chance to go to Clearwater Beach, head to the pier next to the Hilton Hotel on Mandalay Avenue, and witness this spectacle of nature for yourself.  It’s breathtaking.

As you walk down the pier there are vendors along both sides.  Very artsy vendors.  It’s fun to see their creative items.  You also get to see some wildlife!  Up close and personal-like!  This guy was not camera shy.  He flew right up to the pier and posed for me.  I was not zooming in on him – I was actually this close to him.

IMG_2012 IMG_2058 IMG_2018

At the half way point on the pier, you need to pay a very small fee (I think it was $1 per person) to go through the gate to get to the very end of the pier.  Pay the $1.  You won’t be sorry.  Here is the sunset through my cell phone camera lens.





The sun was this big:



And within a matter of minutes, the day is done.


It’s an amazing experience, and all is right with the world while you are at the end of this pier.  I love it there.

Thanks to the Coupongy Correspondent from downstairs for sending me this article!


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