Blinded By The Sunlight And My Thoughts On The HD Vision Visor

photo (8)

I saw an infomercial for this HD Vision Visor in the middle of the night one night last week.  It intrigued me, but I didn’t hurry to the phone to be one of the first 15 callers; instead, I went back to playing Words With Friends.  Today I saw this product on the shelf at Walgreens for $14.99, so I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s a clip on visor with 2 shields – one for daytime use and one for nighttime use.

This is what it looks like out of the box:

photo (4)

It’s simple to install.  It just clips right on to the visor in your car.  As such:

photo (3)

There are two plastic shields.  The orange-ish one is for daytime use.  The yellow-ish one is for night time use.  Both of them have thin plastic protective coverings on both sides – you need to peel it off of both sides or using the visors will cause you to get a killer headache from driving while looking through plastic covered plastic.  Trust me.

So, here is a “before” picture:

photo (2)

And, here is the same picture with the daytime visor down:

photo (1)

Pretty nifty, right?

So, I turned the car around and was now facing into the sun.  Before:

photo (7)

And after:

photo (6)

So here are my thoughts on this HD Vision Visor.  It’s a great concept.  It really is.  However, seeing as it is supposed to ease the glare from the sun while driving, I found that the biggest flaw is that when I was facing direct sunlight, the visor reflected my image right back at me and I found it very distracting.

photo (5)

Tomorrow I will be returning the HD Vision Visor for a refund.  I really wanted this to work, but the reflection problems were bigger than the glare that it reduced.  I think I’ll stick with my sunglasses.

smiley face with sunglasses




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