Bachelorette Andi’s Final Four And Who Gets The Final Rose ** Don’t Read If You Don’t Want To Know **


Reality Steve published Andi’s Final Four and Final Rose “Winner” back in May.  Here is how he says this season’s bachelorette will hand out her final roses.

Episode 8 (airing July 7th): Hometowns Dates (4 to 3)

Nick Viall (Milwaukee, WI) (Filmed Wed., April 16th)


Andi & Nick had drinks at the Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee before going to his parents house in Waukesha.

Chris Soules (Lamont, IA) (Filmed Fri., April 18th)


Josh Murray (Tampa, FL) (Filmed Easter Sunday, April 20th).


Marcus Grodd (Dallas, TX) (Filmed Tues., April 22nd) I was told filming of Marcus’ hometown would be at the Highland Park Village (only about 20 minutes from me), so I drove down there and watched what I could.


Rose Ceremony Elimination: Marcus Grodd.

Episode 9 (airing July 14th): Dominican Republic Overnight Dates (3 to 2)

Lets get it out of the way now so you all won’t be asking on July 14th. No, I don’t know how many of the guys Andi slept with on the overnights. In the past, some have slept with all three. Some have slept with two. And some have only slept with only their final guy. It differs every season. I’m sorry I’m not able to report to you how many of the guys Andi gave it up to. But I’m sure it was wonderful. Go hit them up on social media. Maybe they’ll tell you.

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Chris Soules

Episode 10 (airing July 21st): Men Tell All

Episode 11 (airing July 28th): Finale, Dominican Republic, Nick Viall vs Josh Murray (2 to 1)

So will the curse be broken? Only one time in the recent history of this show has the person who received the first impression rose ended up being the final one in the end, and that was Roberto on Ali’s season. As we know, Nick got the first impression rose this season. Or did she go with Josh, the guy who when I confirmed him as a contestant the day after Juan Pablo’s season ended on March 11th said she’d either pick him or he has next “Bachelor” written all over him?

Andi is engaged to Josh Murray.


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