Small Kitchen Appliances For As Little As Less Than $1 Each! (…87 days until Christmas)


Ok, follow these instructions and you can score big time on some small kitchen appliances from Kohl’s.  These appliances would be great holiday gifts, or gifts to send to your favorite college student, or to keep for yourself!

Head to Kohl’s appliance page by clicking here.  Pick out the appliances you want to purchase.  Make sure they are priced at $16.99 AND they say there is a rebate available.


You can get up to 5 of each item.  They were running low on blenders and slow cookers earlier tonight.  Select the “pick up in the store” option so you can avoid shipping charges.

So, say for instance you purchased 19 appliances.  Each one qualified for a rebate because you are permitted to get $12 back in a pre-paid Visa card per product per address, and you are allowed to buy up to five of each item.


You will pay $290.85.  You will see the deal clearly here:

Pay $290.85 for 19 appliances.

Receive $12 back in a pre-paid Visa card for each item – 19 items x $12 per item is $228!

Receive $50 in Kohl’s cash after the transaction is complete ($10 for every $50 you spend).

Use promo code SMS1871 before you check out to get another 15% off your order.

So here is my transaction:

Selected 19 items – paid $290.85.  Got $228 back in a Visa Pre-Paid Card.  Got $50 Kohl’s Cash.  Got free shipping.  Used promo code SMS1871 for 15% off my order.   My total came to $.67 per item!

You MUST fill in and mail the rebate form – click here to get the form.  This offer valid while supplies last, and on purchases made September 28 – October 2, 2016 only. In order to receive the rebate, you must include your original receipt and UPC code from the boxes in order to receive the rebate.

Let me know what you got in your small kitchen appliances haul!











Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Passes On Sale Today at 2:00 pm

Olive Garden Logo

Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Passes go on sale today, Thursday, September 17th by clicking here at 2:00 pm ET.


Individual PassFamily Pass

Only 1,000 of each pass will be sold!

What is the Never Ending Pasta Pass?

The Pasta Pass allows Passholder to enjoy the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion at Olive Garden as many times as they wish (in-restaurant) for 7 weeks. That’s right – unlimited food at Olive Garden for 7 weeks. Passholders can also redeem their Pass twice per day ToGo. Passholders and their guests also receive complimentary Coca-Cola® soft drinks. This year we have 2 types of Pasta Passes – the Individual Pass and the Family Pass. The Never Ending Pasta Bowl Promotion (and Pasta Pass redemption period) is October 5-November 22, 2015.

You have two different types of Pasta Passes – what’s the difference between the Individual Pass and the Family Pass?

• Individual Pass – Unlimited Never Ending Pasta Pass meals for a single Passholder; complimentary Coca-Cola®
soft drinks for Passholder & guests.

• Family Pass – Unlimited Never Ending Pasta Pass meals for Passholder + up to 3 guests; complimentary
Coca-Cola® soft drinks for Passholder & guests.

How much does the Pasta Pass Cost?

• Individual Pass: $100 + sales tax

• Family Pass: $300 + sales tax

Is tax applicable?

• Sales tax will apply to the online Pasta Pass purchase

• Sales tax will not be applicable for Never Ending Pasta Bowl items & and soft drinks covered by the Pasta Pass.

• Sales tax will be applied to any remaining balance (non-qualifying purchases such as appetizers, desserts, etc.)

Can I expedite shipping?

Only standard shipping (2-7 business days) is available.  All passes purchased on Sept. 17 will be received prior to the Oct. 5 launch of the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion.

Can I order Never Ending Pasta Bowl ToGo and use my Pasta Pass?

You may redeem your Pasta Pass ToGo twice per day. Individual Pasta Pass Passholders will receive 1 dinner portion with breadsticks and soup or salad. A dinner portion is a pasta/sauce combination and a single serving of the topping of your choice. Family Pass Passholders can receive up to 4 dinner portions per redemption, with breadsticks and soup or salad. Refills are not available ToGo, but you are welcome to never ending refills during dine-in visits. Both cards receive 1 complimentary soft drink per Pasta Pass ToGo portion.

Is there an age restriction for purchase of the Pasta Pass?

Guests must be at least 18 years old to purchase a Pasta Pass

I want to purchase a Pasta Pass for someone else – can I do that?

Yes – use the name and shipping address of the recipient, but use your name and billing address for payment.

Can I share the Pasta Pass with a friend or family member?

The Pasta Pass is intended for use by the Passholder whose name appears on the printed Pasta Pass. Pasta Passes are personalized and non-transferable. If you have an Individual Pass, the pass is intended for your use only. If you have a Family Pass, you may bring up to 3 guests with you when you redeem your Pass.

Do I need to show an ID to use the Pasta Pass?

We reserve the right to ask for identification when redeeming the Pasta Pass.

Does my Pasta Pass cover other beverages (coffee, iced tea, alcoholic-beverages, etc.)?

In addition to Coca-Cola® soft drinks, you may enjoy unflavored iced tea with your Pasta Pass. Other beverages (Bellini Peach-Raspberry Iced, Raspberry Lemonade, Limonatas, Coffee, etc.) are not included.

Is gratuity included?

No, gratuity is not included – but is always appreciated.

Can I use my pass at Canada or Puerto Rico Olive Garden locations?

The Pasta Pass is valid only at US locations, excluding Puerto Rico.

Is the Pasta Pass valid for gluten-free pasta?

Yes – our Gluten-Free Rotini is in the Never Ending Pasta Bowl lineup. Combine with Traditional Meat Sauce and Italian Sausage for a complete meal without gluten-containing ingredients.

I have a different question that is not addressed here. Who should I ask?

We welcome your questions. Please call us Monday-Friday 10am-4pm at (844) 209-3484 or engage with us on social media via Facebook or Twitter.

Win A Luke Bryan Kill The Lights Candle!

Win a Luke Bryan “Kill the Lights” vanilla-bourbon scented candle from Yankee Candles!  Click here to enter.  

This scent candle is available in the Yankee Candle store but it does not have Luke Bryant’s picture on it. You need to enter to win it.  

FREEkends At 7-11 in August!


Scan your 7-Eleven® app for a new FREE item every Saturday and Sunday starting at 12pm CDT in August.  No purchase necessary!

Here are some of the free things you can get in August at 7-11:

711 free stuff

Click here for more information!

Free Bowling Game on August 8th – Celebrate 2015 National Bowling Day!


Free Game of Bowling

Epic Nationwide Party

Prizes, Contests,
Drink Specials & more!

Find the Bowlmor AMF location nearest you and get rolling this National Bowling Day by clicking here.

Just When I thought My Brain Was Fried…

Desktop-nap-pillow….it turns out both sides are still in use.

Who knew?

Look at this picture:

brain man 3….Is this man looking straight ahead or to the left?

And this picture:

brain man2…is he looking to the right or straight ahead?

And check this one out:

brain hug…..who is hugging whom?

So, I took a quick brain test.  It turns out I am using both sides of my brain.  No wonder I am so tired.  Click here to take the test to see which side of your brain you are using!  I’m not sure how scientific it is, but it’s fun and I’m really tired, so…..

I need a nap.

Free Sample of John Frieda Frizz Ease!

Frizz Ease

Click here to get a free sample of John Frieda Frizz Ease – while supplies last.  Hint:  Make sure to tell them you are extremely concerned about your hair care.